2017 Fall December 7 Thursday

31 degrees this morning (feels like 21 degrees). No walk, still have sporadic coughing, congestion etc. Hopefully don’t have 5 more days of this, although it could be worse.

One of those strange ones where I feel fine, and then suddenly start coughing or sneezing. I won’t go into the gross details, but you can get the idea.

My Mother would have been 105 years old today if she were still alive. Reading over her clipping etc. after she passed on, I got a new view of her as a person, and maybe a new viewpoint on life itself as a passage or journey.

Watching her transition from child to young woman to mother etc. of a person who is obviously unique to me was somehow illuminating to me and gave me an entire new appreciation of her as a person and her challenges. (And perhaps created some guilt feeling about my role in providing some of the challenges.)

Commented on “brand loyalty” yesterday, I know one more thing that affects “brand loyalty” is the political actions of the company. There are many companies now I will never buy from simply because they use their profits to fund programs or projects I feel are destructive to society and I can no longer support them.

United Parcel Service was just added. In additional to their horrible service, they quietly support an extremist organization that promotes extremist causes American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Obviously any business that promotes the nut, pathetic Bannon by advertising in his lying news rag should be avoided. Of course, I never look at it (or have ever really know anyone who does), I really don’t know who advertises in it!

Kind of like the weekly “free/litter your front yard” “news”paper here. (I just throw it directly into the recycling). The owner has extremist views that I never want a dime of my money to support him or his advertisers. However I don’t know who they are, so I guess it is a standoff.

It seems they ought to be required to not litter your yard if you request they not deliver it.

The more I see the “ethics” of businesses, the more I think they got the wrong point from all of the “business ethics” courses that were so popular in business schools (and political science colleges).

I know I need to cancel the Wall Street Journal. Not only is it owned by a company that I feel has no ethics, owns a tv channel that lies and promotes flat lying, the WSJ Editor has instructed the writers to slant the news, and I feel I don’t want to support either the organization or a newspaper that slants the news.

That is probably the hardest one because it is interesting to read, but now I can’t trust what it says anymore so there is no use wasting my money or time on it. Also the thought of supporting the company in any way makes me ill.

I remember the first course I took on “ethics” and it did open my eyes somewhat. It was a course on ethics in Sociology (for example, the ethics of certain types of studies and how they affect the participants). It was interesting and thought provoking and it gave me a new appreciation for considering all of the effects of programs or projects.

Not that I hadn’t considered that before, but it did provide another consideration(s) when I was involved in a project or program.

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 7, 2017.

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