2017 Fall December 8 Friday

19 degrees this morning (feels like 9). No walk, still have some cough, cold congestion

While it is extremely cold for this area, I normally would have walked, although well covered up!

Somehow the completely abnormal becomes normal! Several months ago, I couldn’t even imagine a 9 degree temperature, now I calmly talk about walking in it! Well, “feels like 9 anyway! Actually not something I look forward to, but something I can stand.

The problem with Winter is that somehow the cold gets into your bones and you have a hard time getting it out.

I remember in the past I’d go to a sauna, just to get the feeling of heat back into me. (The cold isn’t quite as bad around here, although the effect is the same.)

Really wild dreams lately, although I don’t remember them long enough to write them down. Maybe just as good.

Dental appointment today. I am always relieved when I get a “clean” bill and no dental appointment for six months! My last major dental work was an implant of two teeth, and that was enough for a long time.

The problem was actually caused by my trying to save money. After getting out of the Air Force, I had one year to get a free checkup. I took advantage of it and I always feel like if I had gone to a regular dentist they would have taken the time to do a root canal instead of just pulling it.

That tooth as a problem for years, I spent a lot of money redoing the poor job until I finally got the implant. (I had to have two teeth implanted for some reason, I never was sure of the reason, either to support the new tooth or because of the damage caused by the vacant tooth, or due to the bridge replacements through the years.

Anytime I think about buying inferior product to save money, I think about how much I have spent over the years trying to save money on this!

What really upset me about the teeth implants was it cost twice what they said it would and instead of “teeth’ like I had been led to believe, all it was was a glorified bridge! I would have been better off going to the tooth implant place that quoted me less than what it actually ended up costing.

By the way, this was all back in Memphis, not where I live now. So far, my Dentist here has been wonderful. Anyway, as wonderful as a dentist can be.

He has advised me I need to watch a front tooth since it may be cracked and it is too deep for a root canal, it needs to be an implant. I’ll wait as long as I can on this one!

Obviously I want to avoid having some kind of emergency (there is nothing worse than tooth pain), but I don’t really want to go through an implant again, especially of a front tooth.

Though my cold/coughing was getting better (and it is getting a lot better), just being up and around indicates it is still here. The cold air really affects it, or rather exposure to cold air. As I mentioned once before, when we were in San Antonio, we actually both quit coughing, which indicates it is something around here.

Office day today, and then the weekend, so hopefully that will help in getting over this episode.

That’s it for now, Friday, December 8, 2017.

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