2017 Fall December 9 Saturday

30 degrees this morning. No walk, still have cough and congestion etc.

Really miss walking, even in cold weather. Feel like I am missing something from my day.

Dental appointment was good, in that I didn’t have any reason to come back until my next six month checkup!

Soon I will need to schedule my annual visit to my Doctor. Similar to the Dentist, I always wait for the test results with some trepidation, although problem with more trepidation than the dentist even.

Weekend is here. Only two more weeks until Christmas, three more weeks until 2018! The work week goes fast, and then the weekend goes faster!

Aliene is doing well on her “walking boot” and using the walker etc. less and less. She has started physical therapy and hopefully will be back to full strength soon.

I never really believed in “end of the year” reviews, for whatever reason, nor to I set any “resolutions” as such at the first of the year.

I like the concept of “continuous progress” or “continuous review”, not that I necessarily accomplish that! I can understand the value of the end of year review or New Year Resolutions, but I have found I work better when everything comes together some time during the year.

My “Hot Wheels” project (taking pictures of all of my Hot Wheels cars, for whatever reason) is slowly progressing. It is one of those projects that I need to somehow find 5 minutes every day for one picture and I would complete it in 4 years or so!

As I have mentioned before, a major barrier to the progress his this (or any project) is wanting to be “perfect”. While I would like it to be as close to “perfect” as possible, sometimes you just have to do it!

As I always say, to people who say it will take four years (or whatever) to complete college etc. if I don’t do it, 4 years will pass anyway. It sounds strange that it is difficult to five minutes a day, but of course, the problem is that it you try to find five minutes a day for every project I am working on, I would run out of time fast!

As I mentioned about “habits”, it is probably a matter of making a priorities and changing my behavior for 3 weeks when I find “five minutes” (or whatever time) for priority projects.

Reading an article about “clutter” and how hard it is to “downsize” with “things”. It was an interesting article in that it went into the reasons we hold on to what is basically useless things that don’t really do anything but take up space.

I think is is always somewhat of a shock when you realize something you have been holding on to has no use.

I remember when I had my first “real”computer. It finally “crashed” one day and I realized after some time (actually probably a matter of months and years) I never went to the backup to get all the information I thought I had to retain on it.

I guess it is a matter of “letting go” realizing you don’t really need a lot os “stuff’ you have. We have thrown, given or donated a lot of stuff the past few years and I can attest that we have missed very little. Still have a lot do go, but it is getting easier. Reading the article the other day, I thought of a lot of items I had that I can (and will) either sell, give away, throw away or donate. More on that in future posts!

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 9, 2017.

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