2017 Fall December 10 Sunday

31 degrees this morning (feels like 22 degrees) No walk

Almost decided to walk this morning, but still having a cough and congestion etc. Also, can’t walk tomorrow’s though it may be good to take a break until Tuesday and see how I feel.

I think anytime I can’t or don’t walk, there is always the thought in my subconscious that I will have a hard time getting back to walking again, whether it is caused by illness or travel etc. However, I normally am anxious to get back to it.

One “good” thing about being sick is that you appreciate feeling healthy, no matter what else is going on!

Working on the International City Managers Association designation. Need to take 40 hours of training of some sort each year. It has been especially difficult this year, the conference was good for about 20 hours, but I have to get the rest of it from “Webinars” etc.

One thing it does is that I can appreciate the value of “continued education”, it provides an opportunity to fill in areas of information I may not have obtained and also an opportunity to update on new technology, new discussion on various concepts and new thinking in the area.

Sometimes I think each new fad (budgeting or whatever) is merely recycled old concepts, and many times that is true. However, there are enough new ideas to make it important to keep up with current trends and thinking.

Sunday morning again, somehow the weekend seems to go so fast, and evenings just zoom by.

One thing about having deadlines on a project (like the ICMA designation, which is 12-31 of each year), it does provide an incentive to get it done! Other projects can drag on without any deadlines.

Of course, deadlines can be bad, if they are too short, you may ned up not doing it at all.

I noted that on the library system here. Although it is excellent, the book checkout times just hadn’t kept up with needs of the times.

Someone must have been thinking the same thing, because suddenly the original checkout period was extended as were recheck deadlines. It has made it a lot more valuable since I can recheck the books to have time to fit in reading the books.
I figure if I can’t get them read in that time frame (which with rechecking times is about two months), I ‘m not going to read the book anyway! It does really help on completing reading the longer books.

I recently read that weight doesn’t matter so much, that you should target on “waist size” and try to have your waist size be half of your height. At least that provides a defined goal rather than a somewhat arbitrary weight goal.

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 10, 2017

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