2017 Fall December 11 Monday

36 degrees tis morning. No walk, cough and congestion, also schedule

Another cold day, but hopefully warming up!

Read two more horrifying cases this weekend of people using “drug recovery programs” primarily as slave labor.

In both cases people were sent to the “drug recovery program” in lieu of going to jail. In many cases, they hadn’t even been actually convicted of anything yet.

In both programs, they had to file for food stamps and turn them over to the “drug recovery program”. In theses cases this was actually fraud. Although apparently there is apparently some provision for “special cases” of food stamps to be assigned to tax exempt groups, the right procedure was not followed.

In addition, one “Judge” sat on the board and had the participants work at his house!

In one case at least, the “drug recovery program” provided the participants to the County (as road crews etc.) who paid $10 per hour to the “program” who pocketed that money also.

In addition, there was no workers compensation etc. and if they were injured or sick they were intimidated into working injured or sick or going to jail. In both cases the programs were not accredited or have any oversight.

I really am stunned that his type of activity is allowed to continue much less encouraged by “Judges”! Hopefully the recent news stories will put a stop to the practice as well as the civil lawsuits that are sure to follow.

Just now, I got the “e-copy” of the local newspaper, and it’s from page story was on this. The story notes there are 21 such facilities in this states and in many cases they are uncertified, no oversight and in many cases fed donated food, out of date food or even spoiled food.

Hopefully the publicity will stop the programs.

While I have to support the general concept that rehabilitation programs to keep people out of prison is a good concept, obviously this is not the way to do it.

Finished the “Credential” program yesterday. I just decided to sit down and finish it. Actually it provided me some excellent information and I enjoyed doing it.

However, I am glad it is completed for this year and next year (calendar year 2018), I will try to parcel it out in monthly doses!

Some of the information I learned was new research or surveys. Generally I have noticed that management and budgeted “fads” throughout the years were generally just a repackaging of past “fads”, but occasionally an truly new practice or thought emerged which was a valuable advancement.

I felt like l learned several of those truly new concepts and thoughts yesterday, which made it worthwhile.

That’s it for now, Monday, December 11, 2017.

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