2017 Fall December 12 Tuesday

39 degrees this morning (and going lower-to 33 degrees) Walk 35:43 minutes

Somehow the walk seemed colder this morning, maybe not used to it.

Pace was 28 seconds slower than my goal, which is actually ok considering the number of days since I had walked.

Recently I accidentally saw a picture of Aliene. It wasn’t a staged picture, it wasn’t even a picture of her, she is in the background.

However, somehow, that picture captured her personality and essence. The picture apparently fell out of an album with literally hundreds of pictures, part of the project that Kali and Katherine are working on scanning the pictures.

I’m not even going to consider how coincidental it was that that picture dropped out and even more that I noticed the picture, especially since Aliene is really in the background.

I recognize the value of video etc. but sometimes only a still picture or painting can capture some aspects of a person.

Listening to the book on Leonardo Di Vinci, the discussion on many his paintings include the same thoughts. Somehow his paintings convey action. Of course, you have to have some idea of what is going on before you see the action!

It is fascinating to hear how he worked to convey such an image. One of his biggest faults is he was a perfectionist who never finished many of his works because he was always trying to do better.

Most of his architectural and invention drawings (example, for a “flying machine”) were actually never built.

I am still amazed at the range of his interests, that eventually all influenced his art and work.

For example one part of the book concerned him dissecting animal and human eyeballs to determine how people see his paintings and sculpture etc. He discovered that it was much easier to dissect eyeballs after they had been hard boiled!

That problem fits with the “too much information” concept!

I will look at paintings (and pictures) in a different perspective after listing to the book.

It is strange how a song will stick in your mind. For the past several days the song “Every Little Thing” by Carly Pearce is sticking in my mind and I have probably only heard it several times . Not only the words, but the actual song with the voice inflections is sticking in my mind.

Office Day today, a complete office day, which is something I have needed badly to get a bunch of paperwork done!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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