2017 Fall December 13 Wednesday

42 degrees (feels like 35 degrees) this morning. Walk 35:35 minutes

Actually felt cooler than I thought 42 degrees would feel, but perhaps it was the wind or I may not be adjusted to walking again.

Pace was 20 seconds lower than my goal, which I feel is fairly natural at this point, after the time not walking.

The moon was a crescent (quarter) moon, but it really seemed bright.

Aliene is seeing a physical therapist about her foot and resuming normal walking etc. again.

She obviously cares about her work and helping Aliene get back to normal walking which I think is a big factor in how successful the physical therapy will be.

I think that is the key to the success of any person in their work. It isn’t so much a lot of other factors as it is that they like their work and care about the success of what they do.

Anyway, Aliene is really pleased with her and I expect she will be walking and driving soon! It has been a long haul.

I recently learned a person I know just in general had a stroke and is still in the emergency. She faces a long period of physical therapy. Apparently there is some question if she will every walk or talk “normally” again.

I have seen people recover completely from a stroke, so I know complete recovery is possible, but I am sure it is a very long difficult process.

Again, it is always a shock to realize how suddenly our lives can change, sometimes permanently, sometimes temporarily but there is still some permanent change even in temporary change.

What is so difficult to picture is your life suddenly permanently changing. In a way, you are losing a lot of your life, if you can’t continue living in your house, driving etc.

Not something I want to think about, but something I want to be prepared for, although I really don’t know how you prepare for that.

I used to work near an office where the Driving Examiner came in once a month and test people to determine if they could continue to drive, usually for the reason they couldn’t see well enough, although there were other reasons.
I still remember the agony and distress of persons being told they couldn’t drive anymore. Back there (especially in a small town) losing your license was even worse than it would be now.

I expect having to move suddenly is even more of a jolt.

A good reason for preparing in advance, as as much as possible

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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