2017 Fall December 15 Friday

35 degrees this morning. Walk 34:52 minutes

About as cold as it sounds this morning! Actually it isn’t the coldest part of the day, the temperature frequently goes down another 5 or 6 degrees before daylight. Temperature is currently 33 degrees, as a matter of fact.

Didn’t notice the moon this morning, wasn’t as lot of wind.

Pace was 3 seconds below my goal, which was great!

Went past 50% of the expected life span (for walking) of my current walking shoes. Beyond a certain mileage, I depend more on how the shoes feel than I do about the mileage to decide when to quit using them for may daily walk.

I wear shoes only for my walk and then “retire” them from the walking and wear them for everyday wear. How long I keep them after that strictly depends on how they feel and look. Usually my shoes go from 250 to 350 miles, most of the time on the upper side before they are “retired” from my daily walk.

I am not on my 5th generation of shoes, (since the foot doctor advised me to buy better shoes or plan for an operation) and I have only disposed of the first shoes. The second pair is on borrowed time, but still good if there is a chance they will get muddy etc.

The “retired” shoes get more wear in the winter since in the summer I wear scandals a lot.

Also, our newest car just is going to 50% of its expected life span (100,000 miles). It doesn’t seem that long ago since it was brand new!

The project on scanning all of Aliene’s picture albums continues. As I noted previously, it is good to see some projects progressing! I think Kali and Katherine are over halfway through.

The purpose is to have all of the picture albums Aliene and her mother completed (a Herculean task in itself). I think they enjoyed doing it and it was a great project. We hope that putting it on the “cloud” will make it more accessible and preserve the pictures and, most of all, the details on whom is in the pictures and the year!

I remember it was a shock to me the first time I realized I couldn’t remember THE YEAR that something happened! I think maybe that was when I first realized what growing old was about!

I have been faithfully using “My Fitness Pal” for several weeks now, noting all of what I eat (hopefully noted before I eat!), for several reasons. I also am trying to weigh myself daily.

Friday already, it just seemed like I was writing that it was Monday!

That’s it for now, Friday, December 15, 2017

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