2017 Fall December 16 Saturday

40 degrees this morning (feels like 30), Walk 35.36 minutes

Felt colder than 40 degrees this morning. I assume the higher wind. I could feel it this morning.

Pace was 34 seconds slower than my goal. I even felt draggy while I was walking so I knew the pace wouldn’t be that good.

Went to a graduation ceremony last night. As I grow older, I have come to appreciate more the events that mark important points in our lives (graduation, new job, some birthdays, etc.)

Actually I was both exhilarated (maybe a little too strong) and depressed, seeing the excitement of the graduates and their families and knowing the challenges they will have as they proceed through life.

On the other hand, that is what life is all about. I think my best wish for all of them is that they keep that sense of excitement no matter what happens and realize that every setback has a positive side.

They also did a good job on the graduation structure itself, from the assistance on arrival to keeping the ceremony moving.

It is also always fun to look at the robes etc. and learn about the colors, and the traditions associated with the different colors and designs.

Watching the PBS series on Viet Nam that we recorded. It certainly brings back memories of the sixties and early seventies. Hopefully we have learned from it.

While I felt anger etc. at the leadership then, it is nothing like the total disgust I feel for the current “leadership”, with their obvious lies, cowardice, and the criminal total give-away of tax dollars to their donors, big companies, the lying coward traitor lunatics family and “friends”, lobbyists and special interests at the total expense of the low and moderate income taxpayers.

Thinking back to the graduation ceremony again and listening to the book about Leonardo Da Vinci and his inability to finish projects due to the his need for perfection, I think another comment I would make to graduates (and anyone), in addition to never losing he sense of wonder, is to never be afraid to fail.

I think “perfection” is a state of mind. I don’t like the idea of “good enough” but there is a limit to perfection.

One of my pet peeves this morning came up again, a “automatic renewal” os a membership I canceled long ago and I call the credit card company each year to get it removed and tell the company CANCEL, but they still keep on their thieving ways.

I have decided to just not use anyone who has an “automatic” renewal. For example I was stunned to find our security system has an “automatic renewal” of one year, that I fortunately noticed and I will cancel and tell them it is unacceptable to have a one year renewal. They have no investment in the system as such.

Also, I really want to look at the “Nest” security system if here is someone around who will install and maintain it.

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 16, 2017.

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