2017 Fall December 17 Sunday

44 degrees this morning, walk 35:26 minutes

Felt cold this morning, colder than 44 dress should feel! No vehicles during walk this mooning, yesterday morning saw two vehicles, fell like Grand Central Station!.

Very rarely do I see any vehicle when I walk in the morning and even fewer people, which is fine with me. Of course i prefer it that way.

Pace was 34 seconds slower than my goal . I’m not really concerned with my pace right now, at least until it warms up.

Christmas Eve in one week. We have a lot of stuff to do yet, delayed somewhat by Aliene’s fractured ankle..

Aliene is now taking physical therapy for her ankle, so hopefully she will be able to walk without use of the walker or walking boot also.

Listening to the book about Leonardo Da Vinci, I am really struck by how much a variety of of interests he had.

I really wonder where people in that era had to time to do all of the studies and advancements they made.

I was thinking this morning I wonder what he could have done if he had had access to computers? Maybe nothing, we will never know.

Perhaps computers would have affected his creativity, although the time he was alive was high in very creative people like him.

They went into detail about his ability to dissent cadavers and then make detailed drawings about the human body. Many of his ideas were so advanced they weren’t actually proven until just a few years ago.

I thought it was very interesting the way Leonardo Da Vinci actually built a glass heart and then ran water through it to prove some of his theories about how the heart work. He put small grass clippings the water so he could observe the flow better!

He was also an expert on storm water drainage, in addition to his art etc. and other endeavors.

The book describes his curiosity as one of the main reasons for his many achievements, although perhaps it also contributed to his high number of unfinished projects, as his curiosity led him to other projects.

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 17, 2017.

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