2017 Fall December 20 Wednesday

52 degrees this morning, no walk.

Rain last night, still damp this morning, but the rain had stopped. It was one of those slow rains that are probably good.

This is the last full day of Fall, 2017. Tomorrow morning Winter officially starts. From the forecast, there could be some snow this weekend here.

Christmas weekend coming up. It kind of seems like Christmas crept up and will are gone before I really knew it was here in a way.

It will be nice to have a four day weekend also to enjoy it.

I always look forward to the Christmas season for the Christmas music and then normally don’t listen nearly as much as I think.

If I have a “playlist” of my favorite Christmas music I enjoy it

While I enjoy a lot of Christmas music, there is a lot of Christmas music that I don’t really care for. The problem with listening to it on radio is having to listen to a lot of music I don’t like to hear what I do like!

What I end up doing is listening to the music I do like and then switching stations when music I don’t care for is playing.

I understand the “tax bill” will probably be adopted this week. This is a farce, a giveaway to the donors, the lying lunatic and his “friends”, big companies, special interests and lobbyists.

Make me sick to think of the cowards, liars and incompetents that have been elected to pubic office and are looting tax dollars while they have the chance.

Some of the “appointed” officials are almost worse, (such as pruitt, who has made a career of using public funds for personal benefit and luxury living and for the benefit of his “friends”. Hopefully this criminal hypocrite will stay out of Oklahoma .

Now he is not only looting tax funds, he is also destroying the environment to let his “donors” in the mining, oil and gas companies rip off public funds.

I always like to look for the good points in someone, I am normally an optimist, but is is hare to see any good in evil greedy persons such as pruitt and the lying coward lunatic and the greedy, cowards who are currently the majority party.

They have smiley forgotten (or are ignoring) the goal of public service, which is a real shame.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 20, 2017.

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