2017 Fall December 21 Thursday

50 degrees this morning, walk 34:35 minutes

Walk this morning seemed colder than 50 degrees, probably because of wind, maybe also because of the relatively high humidity. It actually “felt like” 44 degrees and I agree it definitely felt at least that.

As almost always, by the time I have walked several blocks, I don’t even notice the cold anymore.

Pace was exactly on the goal.

In a way that is good, except I would like to start being “faster” than my goal more often!

I thought this morning, and then in a superstitious move, tried NOT to think that there haven’t been any earthquakes in this area for some time, maybe even several months.

One of those thoughts similar to when someone quits coming to a meeting and after about five months you suddenly realize that they probably aren’t coming back.

Of course, I am sure the earthquakes will resume at some time, or maybe my app has simply quit working, although I normally received reports of earthquakes from several sources.

Obviously my sudden realization that there haven’t been an earthquakes in this area for awhile have no relationship to earthquakes, it is easy to be superstitious about something like earthquakes!

Speaking of coincidences, yesterday at Starbucks I placed my normal order through the mobile ordering system (iced coffee). When I got there, I heard “Robert, your order is ready”.

I saw my normal order plus another iced drink with a lot of cream (or something) in it and thought I had accidentally ordered an extra drink!

Turns out another “Robert” had ordered, and at exactly the same time, both our orders were ready, both for iced coffee! Weird.

Fortunately, he had ordered “flavors’ and I never add anything to mine, so it worked out. The chances against that happening probably can’t even be computed!

Thinking of all the factors that had to be present for that to happen, it would be impossible to plan it!

Today is the last day of the Fall of 2017. Actually today is the “shortest” day of daylight, which only means that there will be more daylight every day after this as the days of daylight get longer as we start to get back to Summer!

It is strange how when I am in the middle of Summer, I can’t really imagine how Winter feels and in the midst of Winter, I can’t imagine how Summer feels!

Anyway, at 10:28 this morning (central time), it will officially be Winter.

This year I haven’t heard a lot of “wait until after the Holidays’ thoughts. For whatever reason, I don’t think I have heard this comment one time this year. Probably a good thing, although you could argue the point that for a lot of projects and actions it may be better to “wait” and think about it.

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 21, 2017, the last day of the Fall of 2017.

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