2017 Winter December 23 Saturday

32 degrees this morning, light ice/snow, no walk

Winter seemed to come right on schedule, although we didn’t get much snow and ice, just kind of a glaze on the grass (although I haven’t been out yet).

Start of a 4 day weekend, always a good reason to relax a little! I was thinking last night I need to pull out a good book and read it, especially if it snows!

We don’t do a lot of events fro Christmas, we usually go to a very nice breakfast the day before Christmas (although it is today this year), then actually do our family Christmas on Christmas Eve and than Christmas we go out for Christmas Lunch someplace and generally just relax.

Sometimes I wonder how retail is going to do if everyone really got into the “minimalist lifestyle?

Probably don’t really need to worry about that happening. There is probably more danger of people having to live the minimalist lifestyle since they can’t afford to buy anything!

Finally pulled the trigger last night and cancelled the Wall Street Journal. They have just gotten to the point I don’t trust their “news” anymore.

It’s probably not as slanted and ridiculously biased and lies as “fake fox “news” but I just can’t trust it anymore. Of course I never watch fake fox “news” anyway so I wouldn’t know., but I’ve heard enough to know they have no ethics and the truth is “relative” depending on what they want their listeners to hear.

Of course that is the ultimate unethical journalism as I learned in college.

Unfortunately, the lying coward lunatics continual lies seems to make everyone around him think lying and bullying is acceptable and even desirable.

The United Nations vote and the United States bullying response was particularity embarrassing and shameful. A nation can’t express it’s feelings without the lying coward lunatic and his appointed incompetents and criminals threatening them? Shameful. What happened to free speech?

Of course, we know that, unless you are kow towing to the lying coward lunatic, you are lying etc. I hate to think of where this is leading.

I am going to call the rest of 2017 the “Winter of 18”. Not sure if that is correct or not, but I guess if I do it it is correct for me!

Winter is the only season that carries over into the next year (obviously there can be only one!). I think when there are only 10 days of “winter” in one year and the other 2 months and 20 days is in the next year, it can logically be called “The Winter of 18”.

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 23, 2017.

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