2017 Winter December 24 Sunday

32 degrees this morning (feels like 23 degrees, foggy),Walk 34:52 minutes

Light fog this morning, actually had a mist of water on me when I got back. Wasn’t sure about walking but decided to go ahead. Definitely cold outside, at least to me. I was dressed for it, so didn’t feel it are than the first few minutes. Actually was sweating before I got done, although I guess I always am.

Pace was 9 seconds slower than my goal. I have generally resigned myself to maintaining my current goal (rather than making it shorter). What will be, will be.

I am actually glad I have a goal I actively monitor. At least I meet or exceed it occasionally and almost always am close to my goal.

Other aspects of my life aren’t as easy to set (and monitor) goals for. While I have goals for my weight etc., I am not near as close to my goal as I feel I should be.

Goals certainly change as we progress through life, although I think I have lot more similar goals than I expected when I was younger.

Christmas weekend continues. It isn’t even half over yet (the 4 day weekend), which is good.

Christmas started with the “Christmas Eve” Breakfast (actually on Saturday this year), where I immediately broke all my goals for eating better, but I”ll just get back on track!

We took back Aliene’s “scooter” for her foot yesterday. I don’t think she used it quite as much as she thought she might, but it still came in handy when she needed it. (She rode it “side saddle” mostly, since she felt too unstable on it.) I tried it enough to know what she felt and I’m just hope I never need it!

Reading a book about aging, which has some interesting thoughts. The author mentions it is more of a “process” than anything else.

He had the same feeling I have sometime, thinking someone is “old” and then realizing they are younger than I am!

Somehow even the realization doesn’t make me feel any older or perceive the other person as any younger.

Maybe the main point of the book is that “acceptance” of where we are at any point *regardless of age” or whatever is the important thing.

One beneficial aspect is knowing that I will have some money coming in for the rest of my life, regardless of what happens, at least what happens in the normal scheme of things.

Just saw the quote “I was a boat stuck in a bottle, never had the chance to touch the sea” (actually a song lyric). I’ll have to think about that one!

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 24, 2017.

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