2017 Winter December 25 Monday

24 degrees this morning, no walk.

About as cold as it has been this year, and it is supposed to hang around all week.

Good Christmas Eve, which is when we have most of our Christmas activities, we just kind of take it easy on Christmas Day.

It is too bad that the lying coward lunatic has even made saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” as you feel is appropriate some sort of weird low class tribal political statement instead of a simple means of communication and either expression of your feelings or just making a cultural greeting.

I was reading the other day that this lunatic is the first “tribal” president who only plays to the racist, sexist, extremist groups, pandering to lowest instincts in people while stealing for himself and his donors etc.

I truly believe this lunatic will never be elected again, but 3 more years of primitive pandering to the lowest common denominator will do some real damage.

I already am reading the the lunatic, along with the coward kow towers who lie to support his lies and express many of the qualities of “following orders” that lead to atrocities committed in the name of dictators.

However, extremists have almost always snapped back to the other extreme, which also won’t be good.

Watched “A Christmas Story” last night, which never gets old no matter how many times we watch it or how many commercials interrupt it. In a way, it gets funnier every time we see it. It is hard to believe it was actually made in 1982, which actually is quite a long time ago!

When we first started watching it (probably in the early nineties) it was still relatively new in terms of when it was actually made.

I’m not sure how many times we have watched it. When we visited over Christmas in the past, we didn’t have a DVR in the hotel, so we would just watch parts of it over the 24 hours when it was broadcast.

It is a lot more fun to watch it by speeding through the commercials, just like all programs!

One more week, it will be 2018. I am already getting used to writing 2018, since many appointments are in 2018. It seemed so far in the future when I heard the date “2018” when I made the appointments!

I don’t make Resolutions as such, but I have some long term goals I review my progress on. I recently read that I shouldn’t worry about weight as such, rather that the goal is your waist line should be no bigger than one-half your height. That actually makes some sense.

I figure if I eat right and continue to exercise it will take care of itself. Unfortunately that has been a big “if” on the eating right part! But, I’ll keep working on it!

That’s it for now, Monday, December 25, 2017.

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