2017 Winter December 26 Tuesday

29 degrees this morning, walk 34:01 minutes

Could feel the cold this morning when first started, but quickly warmed up. It actually “seemed like” 21 degrees, but it really didn’t seem that cool.

Pace was 17 seconds faster than my goal.

Faster pace could have been from the cold or possibly to mounting anger and disgust from listening to “Dark Money”, about how thieves like the kook brothers and billionaires are bribing the government for special deals, “contracts” and adding to their billions by illegal means while crowing about their so called “limited” government desires. Limited only in how it helps other people, not them.

Last day of the Christmas Holidays. Always look forward to holidays, and they seem to go so fast! Like anything you look forward too.

Now there will be a week of “remember the past year” etc. followed by stories and jokes about Resolutions. Whatever.

I have to admit watching Christmas music (or any music for that matter) with “captions” is always a little surprising as to what some of the words actually are!. I

t is especially surprising on Christmas music I have listened to all my life. I’m not sure what I actually thought the words actually were. Frequently when I am along in my car, I’ll listen and sing along, obviously I’ve been singing the wrong thing!

The same is really true with any music, I am frequently surprised (and sometimes stunned) at the actual lyrics.

Several Christmas songs I never get tired of are “I’ll be Home for Christmas”, “White Christmas” “Silent Night”, O Holy Night, and, oddly enough, “Santa Baby”. There are a few more I’m not thinking of now. Probably “I”ll be Home for Christmas” is my favorite.

I have to admit, based on peoples reaction to age, I have become more interested in reading about aging. No matter what, I think it is part of the living process (if you live long enough you are going to be a senior citizen or whatever you want to call it), so I may as well deal with it.

From what I have read, a major part of dealing with aging, is accepting it to a degree, but continue living. As they say “stay young in soul by not becoming a fossil in your life”.

I think that is not becoming frozen at a certain age (no matter how much you enjoyed it or regret it’s passing) and enjoy (or at least actually experience) the “experiences” of your life as you progress through life

I think there are limitations at any age and you deal with them. The same with the aging process, there are some limitations and there are many benefits, you just need to deal with the limitations and enjoy the benefits.

Certainly there are limitations to each stage of life and I think the “wisdom” of experience makes paling with them as you age easier. Or at least I hope it does.

I think like anything, we have to realize that “change will happen” regardless of whether we want it to or not and we have to adapt to that change.

I think that is what is so important about maintaining a curiosity about the world at all ages and not lose the “wonder of childhood” and continue to be curious about everything. Perhaps limiting that curiosity is one of the biggest failings of our educational system and society as a whole for not facilitating continual learning and curiosity.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, December 26, 2017.

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