2017 Winter December 28 Thursday

29 degrees this morning, no walk.

Hopefully get back to walking again tomorrow morning.

One of the problems with getting older seems to be aches and pains, which fortunately so far have been temporary. Probably means I’m not exercising all my muscles enough and when I sit wrong or something for an extended period it causes a reaction.

Not complaining, just commenting, I have had pains in my knees, hips and sides and now my shoulder and neck muscles. Not enough to stop me from doing anything, although it was a consideration in not walking this morning. May even be from the cold weather, but it seems to happen after I sleep or sit strangely for awhile.

Perhaps I’ll do an internet search on this today.

Still watching the “Sopranos” series. I am around Season 5. I’m not quite sure yet what I think of it. Obviously the violence and crimes are appalling, somehow I find it an interesting study of the characters on both their good and bad sids.

Although (fortunately) I have never known anyone like the characters, it is still an interesting study in how people have self-destructive qualities. Maybe something like this helps people avoid some of their self-destructive actions. On the other hand, it shows criminal behavior as somewhat “rewarded” even if it is eventually punished either legally or by other means.

At times I think I am wasting my time watching it (and maybe I am), but so far it continues to interest me. There have been lulls where I considered taking a break from watching it, but I continue.

Like “Downton Abbey”, I know eventually it will end, and it will be like the end of a small part of my daily life activities, probably to be replaced by something else.

I watch it only on lunch “breaks” we are required to take at work (I watch it only when I am “in the field” on lunch breaks) and when Aliene and I go to Starbucks, our “third place”, so it is sporadic.

I have always “intended” to watch movies etc., but rarely do, so the “streaming” of movies and series is an interesting chance to watch them on a very sporadic basis.

As I have probably mentioned before, the last tv series I watched was “Hill Street Blues” and that has been a long time since that was on even in reruns!

The “new” car just went over 50,000 miles and is approaching the middle of it’s 7 year expected life. Probably it will reach 100,000 miles before it’s 7 year life cycle. Anyway, it has been a great car.

I think in 3 to 4 years, there will probably be a major change in cars with technology and electric power instead of gasoline.

I especially like the technology such as (what the Camry currently has) such as the radar on the side to detect cars in the “blind spot”, the backup camera, and the beep detecting cars when you are backing up. I drove a rental with “lane detection” that beeped if you went out of your lane. It was wonderful!

They have a lot more now that would be nice such as cruise control that breaks if you get too close, self parking etc. It is really amazing, but i expect it will be even a lot more advanced in 3 years.

Cars may become like computers, where you hate to buy one because technology is advancing so fast!

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 28, 2017.

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