2017 Winter December 29 Friday

39 degrees this morning, walk 34;18 minutes

Back to walking again, thank goodness. Didn’t seem to be that cold this morning, but again, I was dressed for it. Good to get back to walking again.

Aliene got good news yesterday, she can drive again, go to the gym etc! You don’t realize how nice it is until you can’t do it!

Pace was 19 seconds below my goal, which is great. Hopefully I am suddenly walking faster, even with the heavier winter clothing

Of course, it could be anger from listening to “Dark Money”, about the extremist crooks who are buying the government. (Originally I said “trying to buy the government”, no trying about it, they are buying the current administration!)

2018 will be here Monday. I remember when I was a child I couldn’t even envision being this old, or the year 2018. I still jump occasionally when I hear about the book 1984 and my first reaction is it is a futuristic book!

Unfortunately with the lying coward lunatic shoveling tax dollars to his rich “friends”, (who feed his ego while he can shovel tax $ to them and do them big favors for kow towing to him) big corporation, lobbyists and special interests at the expense of the average person, “1984” and the dictatorship of huge corporations could be here.

I don’t really believe that, but I think you have to be watchful, especially with the lying coward lunatic and the party of cowards and criminals in “control” at least for the next 11 months.

Hopefully they won’t be able to buy the elections or coerce persons into not voting legally or otherwise.

I am occasionally embarrassed to admit I am from Kansas, with all of the extreme nuts in Kansas, including the kook brothers, the former governor who destroyed state government and the state economy and the weirdo who is trying to stop anyone but his supporters from voting.

“Dark Money” goes into the history of the kook brothers and how their father made his money from Stalin and Hilter, truly literally “blood money” since the refineries he built supported their military aggression and atrocities and killing of millions.

According to “Dark Money”, the kook brothers were raised by literally a Nazi who actually resigned to go back to Germany and support Hilter.

All documented in “Dark Money”. I’m not sure if I can send to listen to the rest of the book, it makes ma so angry (and concerned) about the unethical lying extremists who are bribing the government and actually benefit from “big government” by the lucrative contracts and tax breaks they buy for their bribes.

Back to 2018, this is the last work day of 2018 and another three day weekend, which is nice.

That’s it for now, Friday, December 29, 2017.

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