2017 Fall December 30 Saturday

31 degrees this morning, walk 34:23 minutes

Cold had a nip in it this morning. While as usual, I didn’t think about the cold after I got t walking, occasionally I would feel the nip of the wind.

There is supposed to be some horribly cold weather coming in over the next several days. I guess that will tell what my limit is for walking, whether there is a temperature where I won’t walk at! Actually I think I have walked in all temperatures.

As long as I can protect my mouth from the cold air and wear protective clothing, I can walk in any type of temperature. I do draw the line at walking in the rain and snow.

Pace was 5 seconds below my goal, which is good. Suddenly my pace seems to be picking up.

As I mentioned before, it could well be my anger that arises while I listen to “Dark Money” and learn how the kook criminals basically are trying to buy government, judges etc. is causing me to walk faster!

Of course, with the lying coward lunatic and the party of cowards and criminals “in charge”, their money is going a long ways right now.

Fortunately extremes have reactions, and hopefully there will be big backlash the next election at all levels. Unfortunately there are a lot of paid off, incompetent “judges” in the system, but I expect it will work out.

Speaking of the “Sopranos”, the original reason for the Mafia was the reaction to the corruption of the judges and authorities. Obviously it became something else.

Reading the book on aging. I think the main lesson is to accept it as part of living of life. Doesn’t mean you have to like the process, but I think being aware of the process and not denying it is important.

Of course, I tend to ignore it, which may not be a good alternative either, but I certainly don’t intend to dwell on the negative aspects or accept the idea that older people should become invisible or vegetate in silence.

I have become attentive to my eating and weight again. I have a book where I record my weight that goes back to 3-22-2000. It tells tales of success as well as woe over the years in my continual battle to control my weight!

As I noted several days ago, I like the concept that i should aim for my waistline to be 1/2 of my height. That is my goal now, I never could really settle on a “goal weight” in any degree. The “desired weight” proposed by the weight tables was impossible for me to meet, and I settled on a weight which I felt good at, and oddly enough, my waist line was about 1/2 of my height, so perhaps that is the evidence I need that the “waist line 1/2 your height” is actually a acceptable goal.

Waiting for the “super cold” weather, hoping it misses us!

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 30, 2017.

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