2018 Winter January 1 Monday

7 degrees this morning, no walk.

Definitely cold out there. Tempting to walk even if cold, but decided to hold off. The cold is supposed to last several more days before “warming up”.

If this continues I will definitely be ready for our planned “hot weather break” later on this winter! I will be ready for a few days of hot weather or at least no cold weather!

Stayed up to see the New Year arrive, which was fun. We haven’t done that for awhile. I woke at my “normal” time this morning, but quickly went back to sleep and slept for almost my “normal” amount of sleep.

Briefly thought about walking, even with the later time, but decided not to. Maybe a little later. If I don’t walk in single digit weather, I may not walk until Wednesday or Thursday, which is still better than getting sick from the cold weather! (Unless I take strong precautions, I get “cold weather asthma and have severe coughing in reaction to even mildly cold weather and also “exercise induced asthma”, so the combination can be a problem.)

I remember years ago when I tried to strenuously exercise (such as jog or ride a bike) in cold weather I would have to stop with severe coughing and never realized it was a condition (exercise based asthma) that could be treated. Simply wearing something over my mouth helps a lot, and a “puff” medicine also helps.

Now, I would just check the internet and realize what the problem is!

Anyway, it is a new year, for what it is worth, other than having to remember to write the date “2018” correctly!. In my job, it will either be difficult or good practice. Fortunately (I think) a lot of entries are “automatically dated”.

Talking last night, I can still remember what a shock it was when I realized I couldn’t remember the YEAR something happened! Of course, now that happens all the time, fortunately I can remember the decade!

Back to my “project status” list, a continual “list” that probably has no actual end (which could be discouraging) is continuing to “organize” stuff, primarily by throwing out or filing items.

There are some things I will never throw out (a few souvenirs, some keepsakes etc.). Since it probably won’t make a lot of sense to keep track of what I donate to charity anymore, it will be a little easier to donate stuff because I don’t have to keep track of the value.

I think there are several barriers to “weeding” out stuff you don’t need. First there are the memories associated with an item.

Of course there there is the dreaded idea “but I may need it some day”. (As someone pointed out to me, if I really need a book, anymore I can just order it off the internet.) Also, if something isn’t a significant value, it is probably makes more economic and realistic sense to just buy it when you need it instead of carting something around for years that may cost more in many ways to cart around than to just buy when you need it!

Reached my general limit for this posting, will continue in the future.

Wishing you all a meaningful and happy 2018!

That’s it for now, Monday, January 1, 2018.

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