2018 Winter January 2 Tuesday

13 degrees this morning (feels like 3 degrees), no walk

Didn’t walk again this morning, almost did, but I think think “feels like 3” and starting work again decided me to wait one more day, it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow.

I can deal with down to 20 degrees fine, and probably 13 isn’t really that bad. I just have been doing so much better on not coughing this Winter, I just didn’t want to take a chance. Usually if I put something over my mouth I am ok..

Probably be a “field day” today at work, which since I don’t think is is supposed to get much over 20 degrees (actually 24) all day, will be rather interesting. I am actually in the cold so short a time (between my car, which is toasty, to where I am gone, which usually a very short trip).

Actually a very nice New Year 3-day weekend. Quiet, with the weather etc., but nothing wrong with that, in fact it is nice sometimes.

I have become much more aware of “falls” etc. since Aliene fractured her ankle and it really affected our lives for about 3 months. I met one person who fell on a stairs and broke his leg and just read about Carrie Underwood (a singer) who broke her wrist and had to have hardware in it that “will set off the airport security alarm” and had about 50 stitches in her face and will “look different when she is in public again”. She emphasized the life changing effects of a single moment.

While I was aware of falls by older people, I was surprised at how many younger people also were injured in falls.

As I noted with Aliene’s fall, there is no such thing aa a “minor” injury if it injures your leg or wrist etc.

I read an article about “names” for older people (I don’t see a major problem with “old”, but whatever…..) The name they picked out was “perennial”. Actually not bad, but I don’t see why it is such a big deal to try to find a polite name for being old.

I read a book “Ageless Soul” by Thomas Moore, which I found very interesting. He mentions about the problems with denial of getting old (or maybe “being old”. Interesting thoughts about the entire process of aging etc.

I won’t go into a lot of quotes although I did find one rather interesting, he said “you can’t look or act younger than you are unless you admit your age. I don’t know why that seemed so interesting but it did.

He mentioned that it is important to proudly tell your age, you are who you are. If someone else defines you by your age, that is their problem. (He didn’t really say the latter part, that was my observation.)

Another interesting point he made, and certainly an observation I have noted, is that (at any age actually) when someone doesn’t have something (probably usually a career or a job, but it could be a variety of things, including social relationships etc.) that makes the person feel “special” or “recognized” it takes away the basic need for recognition and respect.

Anyway, I certainly need to do more reading and pondering on all of this, or maybe not.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

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