2018 Winter January 3 Wednesday

17 degrees this morning (feels like 4 degrees, walk 34:32 minutes

Felt cold, but not that bad. I did need to (or at least felt the need) to wear gloves this morning.

Basically, it seems as long as I cover up my “internal furnace” will keep me relatively warm when I walk. It may make a big difference if the wind is blowing much.

I do notice the cold in may legs somewhat (not bad) but I”m not all that worried about cold legs!

I was surprised that even though I was “in the field” yesterday and it never got over 24 degrees it wasn’t that bad. Not that I enjoyed it or would have preferred warm weather, but it wasn’t that bad. It will be a while before the continual cold gets into my bones.

Pace was 11 seconds below my goal. Again, I don’t know if I am in better shape, walking faster because it is cold, or my anger while i listen to “Dark Money” and how “think tanks” and “foundations” have basically turned into tax evasion, thief and bribing machines. Sick.

2018 has started, and I am sure before I know it, it will be December of 2018. I always think there has to be some way to mark the time, but maybe this journal is one way of doing that.

I think the main thing I don’t want time to pass without accomplishing some of my objectives, I don’t want time to pass just because it is passing.

Looking at my projects I want to complete, I think continuing to “weed”, and, maybe more important, organize things is a major objective.

I think one of the problems with “weeding” items is that it is a never ending process and you really finish it. I decided to divide it into separate items and take care of each as a separate project, maybe that will work.

Wanted to note some dreams I have recently had. While I have had some very active dreams, I remember very few of them long enough to record. Both of these dreams were very strong dreams, although I only remember sketches of them.

Saturday 12-30-17

Dream peddling my bicycle somewhere in a city.

I was peddling in my bare feet without any shoes, or any noticeable huffing and puffing or coughing..

At the last part, I remember starting to cycle up a steep hill, with a lot of trash on it. Still in my bare fee.

I quickly realized i wasn’t going to make it, but I thought no shame in walking my bike up.

I woke up at that point.

Monday, 12-31-17:

Dreamed was at some sort of “ESPN” type facility with rock climbing and special effects, such as waling up a wall etc.

Somehow I went someplace and didn’t know where my car was parked.

I went to the parking lot to find my car, but somehow got involved in some other exhibits etc. and never found my car, at least before the dream ended.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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