2018 Winter January 4 Thursday

22 degrees this morning, walk 34:22 minutes

Definitely felt cold this morning, but, really didn’t feel like 22 degrees. Obviously I was bundled up and, as normal, the exercise also warmed me up.

Yesterday, it reached 40 degrees, and it actually seemed warm (well, not really, but at least it felt a lot better than 4 degrees or whatever).

Pace was 28 seconds faster than my goal, which is great, especially when I am bundled up. Of course, I am sure the anger and disgust from what I am hearing on “Dark Money” about the obvious (tax deductible yet) buying of politicians warms me up and makes me walk a lot faster!

It even has come to the point where Senators and Representatives were running around to support the recent gift to donors and big companies, whining that the “spigot of donations (bribes)” will be turned off it the big “tax gift” to donors, lobbyists and big companies was not passed!

I always thought a bribe was “something for something” and obviously that is what happened here, as the donors and big companies got a huge givftat the expense of low and moderate income residents and definitely future generations.

Of course, now the companies are trying to buy off people with “$1,000 bonuses” while they rake in billions. Not only that the $1,000 bonuses (which in most cases about equals what the company spends on Super Bowl ads, or a very small percentage of what they “donate” to politicians and lobbying), the $1,000 will be immediately taxable this year and of course deductible to the companies before the “tax gifts” takes effect.

Of course bonuses are simply a one-time thing and are not part of anyones wage base, unlike the huge tax gift. Disgusting and frightening that it has come to this.

I have been thinking about my “Project Status” review (which is a continual thing). I am starting to think about how “liberating” it is to realize I simply don’t have to do a project if I don’t want to. If I want to, I still can. That is true freedom.

Thinking again of “things” that take up space and require some at least minimal effort to keep. For years I drug a lot of stuff around that I could easily replace. In the past 4 years we have “slimmed” down a lot in the “stuff” we keep and I know there is a lot of more “stuff” I can get rid of.

I am trying to look at all of the items I have and really evaluate if I will ever need it or even, most important, get any value (not necessarily money) out of it. I have a feeling in many cases, there is a net cost to keeping a lot of things, even if “I may need it some time in the future”!

More later on this.

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 4, 2018.

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