2018 Winter January 5 Friday

29 degrees this morning. Walk 35:01 minutes

Felt the cold this morning, but again it wasn’t that bad. I realized the value of “dressing warm” after realizing how the cold “bit” last night when I didn’t dress for the cold before I went out (fortunately very briefly).

As the cold continues, I am definitely looking forward to a few days of warm winter during our “winter break” later this year.

Pace was 15 seconds above (slower than) my goal. May have been much better, I had a problem shutting the watch off.

Listening to “Dark Money”, I was enraged to learn that the “think tanks” which are nothing but tax deductible lobbyists have been worming their extremist ideas into collages by getting “puppet professors” whom they slowly provide huge grants to “research” (to get predetermined ideas legitimized) and of course the colleges are so happy to see new funds they buy into it, like the trojan horse.

In addition they pay students thousands of dollars to take certain classes and give “party workshops” to indoctrinate students.

Nothing illegal about all of this probably, but it certainly is unethical and should not be subsidized by tax free funds!

Also I was shocked to learn that 40% of the federal judges have attended “judicial seminars”, which are nothing more then free vacations with “seminars” put on by big companies and “think tanks” with tax free funds trying to sway the judges. Of course, to me this is nothing more bribes and both the judges and the sponsors should be charged with bribery. A good reason to put a limit on the term of judges.

I think the end result of all of this is that extremist ideas (on both sides) are making each side more rigid and preventing compromise and leading to the election (even though he really lost by 3,000,000 votes) of a shameful lying lunatic who is set to destroy the world and the election of a congress of cowards and criminals who are enabling it.

Unfortunately like a lot of things, I can’t do much about it, although I can get involved locally in getting the criminals and parasites and cowards voted out.

Back to my Project Status thoughts, as I noted yesterday, I think one of the first actions is to decide what projects are even worth while doing and which ones may not even be worthwhile pursuing.

Perhaps I need to develop a “list” of projects I have been working on or “should” be working on and first decide if a project is even worth the effort.

Of course, there are many “projects”, that some action will be required, including projects such as disposing of excess or unneeded items etc.

Friday already, ready for another weekend!

That’s it for now, Friday, January 5, 2017.

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