2018 Winter January 6 Saturday

31 degrees this morning, (seems like 22) walk 34:19 minutes

Not long ago, this would have seemed really cold, now it is somewhat “normal” (sigh).

Pace was 15 seconds faster than my goal. Again not sure if it is improvement or a result of anger at listening to “Dark Money”.

I was surprised to note this morning that on iCloud I have over 67,000 e-mails, 23,000 of them “unread”. How in the world did that happen?!!

One of my projects is to delete past e-mails and also stop the spamming e-mails. I have found I am starting to “lose” the e-mails I want in the overall rash of e-mails that don’t get sent to the spam folder, but aren’t really defined as “spam spam”.

In many cases, I have started running a search for persons who contact me on a regular basis. Somehow companies seem to think spamming e-mail at you will make you buy their product. Actually it is irritating.

Of course, the “true” spam is caught by the spam folder, but Ialmost hate to buy anything from any company because it starts a storm of e-mails. (I bought a printer and probably got at least a 100 e-mails trying to sell me another printer).

I do hate the Canon printer I bought, I will never buy another Canon product, it is really a third-class product, but I do plan on wearing it out (or wearing our my patience) before I buy another printer.

I didn’t buy an HP printer because their firmware makes you use only their overpriced ink, but that is better than having a piece of junk.

Anyway, back to e-mails, I try to regularly “unsubscribe” (when I am sure it is “legitimate” spam) and I no longer provide my e-mail address to companies (I use an e-mail address I check every couple of weeks or so).

It is strange how something like a song lyric suddenly starts going through your mind. The lyrics to “Country Joe and the Fish” song lyrics “and its 1, 2, 3 what are we fighting for, don’t ask me, I don’t give a darn, the next stop is Viet Nam” recently, for some reason started going through my mind.

I didn’t hear the song (to my knowledge). To be honest, the right lyrics weren’t even going through my mind, I looked it up on Google.

I have a feeling it is related to the current situation in Washington with a lying coward lunatic as the so called “president” and a bunch of coward criminals setting the laws and career criminals like EPA’s pruitt who is ripping off pubic $ for luxury living and letting companies disgorge hazardous chemicals that kill their employees and the public.

A very scary situation that hoping will be corrected by the ballot box as well as a free press.

Listening to “Dark Money” this morning, I was stunned to hear about how the kook brothers literally killed employees by exposing them to hazardous materials and then fired them for being ill and refusing to pay workers compensation so they could die in peace unless they were sued.

The book also cites (proven) cases of the kook brothers companies deliberating polluting the environment (including discharging it at night) and then paying minor “fines” of $10,000,000 while they “saved” many millions more from not complying with regulations or just human practices , not including the untold costs of cleaning up their mess and the suffering and death to the public.

Anyway enough of that, again I can’t do much about it and getting angry about it doesn’t really do any good. I just have to assume “what goes around comes around” and “karma” will assert itself.

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 6,2018.

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