2018 Winter January 7 Sunday

52 degrees this morning, walk 34:04 minutes

Actually cool this morning, a wind was blowing and there was a lot of moisture in the air from the rain coming in later today.

Although I wasn’t “comfortable” I was still ok, as my walking helped heat up my body. The wind was still nippy, but it would have been nippy no matter what I wore.

Pace was 8 seconds faster than my goal, which was good.

Listening to “Dark Money”, I realized the kook criminals and other big businesses are actually worse than organized crime. They steal, and, in a manner of speaking murder by their failure to comply with safety and environmental practices. They now “own” most of the elected officials, buy huge amounts of “think tanks” who attempt to appear legitimate and the lying coward lunatic is cheap, they just flatter him and he doles out billions of dollars to them and huge tax benefits.

It is documented in court records , one a 298 million dollar judgement for two kids that were killed due to the kook criminals using a defective pipeline on the theory it would be cheaper to pay the fines (if they got caught) than to build a decent pipeline or fix the old one. The criminal activities were unbelievable

Of course the criminals that rail at “big government” make fortunes from ripping off the government by huge contracts, stealing from oil rights owners etc.

I won’t go into the details, listen to or read the book. The book mentions the Kansas and Oklahoma Senators as “the best money can buy” as they betray their public trust.

Several dreams I wanted to note:

Dreamed on a cruise with Aliene (just a river cruise or a “sight seeing cruise”) of some sort.

We went the normal cruise events (I don’t remember much of the first)

However, I got lost in an area where the cruise ship stopped. It was a big building and I got completely confused.

I had bought some flowers for Aliene and then decided they weren’t very good, so I left them, plus I was concerned about carrying them around.

I want down down and up a lot of stairs, tying to find an exit.

I wanted into a room where there were a lot of people. A woman dressed like a chicken was sitting at a desk.

I had let loose with some angry cuss words as I walked in (before I saw anyone in the room) and everyone was looking at me in askance, and some customers hurriedly walked out.

I told them I was lost and asked how to get back to the cruise ship.

The woman dressed like a chicken got up and all of the people in the room stretched out their hand and held hands.

I woke up.

I have no idea what this dream means. Somewhere I expect there is some meaning to it!

Saturday morning:

Figment of a dream, actually I was in a meld of two cities I lived in in the past.

I was stopping by at some sort of a club and I wanted to get something, but I couldn’t open my pants pocket to get my membership card.

The person at the store kept telling me I had to have my membership card and I kept telling him I didn’t need it for what I needed, but I couldn’t get my pockets open.

The place i was it at one city and there was a building across the road that was in the other city.

I woke up before I could get my membership card out.

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 7, 2018.

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