2018 Winter January 8 Monday

39 degrees this morning, no walk

A lot of dampness in the air, ground etc. still wet this morning from a light rain that started yesterday.

Aliene is now driving, I think with confidence, which is really good. You don’t know how much you miss the freedom of driving until you can’t do it.

She is now almost completely walking with “normal” shoes, and, thanks to an excellent physical therapist, is walking almost better than before!

News that this is one of the worst “flu” years is a concern, I am trying to do everything to prevent getting the flu. I believe the flu shot is only about 30% effective, but it can make it easier if you do catch it. I am doing everything possible to make sure I don’t get it!

Reading about some of the advances in medicine, it is truly a miracle what they can do. I don’t begin to understand it, I read an article about persons who had a fatal disease, but somehow either through human genomes or DNA or something similar, somewhat they were able to cure something they couldn’t have cured even two years ago. Amazing.

I remember I used to comment about the biblical “miracles” and my Dad would point out that (this obviously was probably 50 or 60 years ago, which is scary itself!) that many of the advances in medicine etc. were “miracles” maybe not just quite as dramatic. I have to agree, he was right.

I can vaguely remember getting my first polio shot (when I assume they first came out) and even now I can remember the atmosphere of relief that such a shot was available.

Even now, there have been preventive vaccines available for years for mumps, measles etc. that they didn’t have when I was a kid and it was just assumed you would get them.

Some more dreams to report;

Sunday morning dream

Aliene and I were in a house with a small child (i assume a great grandchild) when I heard a knock on the door (the house did’t appear to be one we had lived in).

i went to the back bedroom where Aliene was to give her the baby so I could answer the door, but couldn’t find her so I started to answer he door with the baby and then decided not to.

Somehow i was back in the back bedroom again with Aliene and we heard the door open.

I rushed out, and the (I assume) cable tv repair person came in dressed in a garish outfit. He looked around at the cables. I didn’t question him having a key coming in without us responding to the door

He then went the refrigerator where he called me in and said a filter was really dirty, he wore a mask over his face that had dirt on it.

I looked at the filter and noted it was very dirty, (he said something needed repair).

I advised him I had cleaned out the filters literally a week before several times.

I woke up.

Another Dream:

Dreamed was in a new “City Hall” that was in a major covered mall. I was checking around for offices. A variety of former employees were in the dream.

I was trying to find some offices and a Macy’s (or similar) was on one floor. Apparently the City Hall was located on two separate floors.

Saw a restaurant with people dressed as cows eating. One took off his mask and was actually an alligator. At the time I thought it was a costume party, with people dressed as chickens, but when the chicken masks came off, I thought it was a real alligator (like in the comic strips).

No one got excited about it.

Found the office of the person I was wanting to see. Waited outside, the persons was on the phone, woke up.

That’s it for now, Monday, January 8, 2017.

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