2018 Winter January 9 Tuesday

41 degrees this morning, walk 34:29 minutes.

Pace was 20 seconds faster than my goal, which was good.

In spite of the temperature and a slight wind, it was relatively mild this morning, or it could have been I was dressed in my “breathing fabric” sweatshirt, one of the best purchases I ever made as far as exercise clothing.

I’m not quite sure what it is made of (I bought it about 8 years or more ago, so it isn’t a recent fabric), but it is a great item to wear anywhere from whatever the low temperature to about 60 degrees.

Of course yesterday it was 53 degrees or so and it seemed “warm” during the day! Our perceptions change!

Speaking of perceptions I recently read about how people who are in wheelchairs, older etc. suddenly realize they are “invisible”, that people tend to look right through them. I think there isn’t much you can do about it, except watch myself and see if I am doing it.

I probably tend to “look through” or consider panhandlers or beggars. I actually feel justified in doing it.

I am surprised to find panhandlers begging money in all kinds of places where they used to control it. Even at Sams, I was hit up by a person for money outside the door.

At Cracker Barrel a person was even holding open the door for people and begging money (at least he was doing something for it!)

I just have a rule that I “always say no”, no matter what the story to beggars. I just feel I have a right to move about without someone hitting me up for money.

Actually, this includes the stores that ask for a “dollar” (or whatever) for THEIR favorite charity when you check out. That just floors me. Why should I donate to them so they can look good giving to a charity?

These are companies that donate millions to buy politicians, and tax deducible “think tanks” whose only reason for existence is to try sway people to further the companies profit.

So no, I won’t donate to their favorite charity, I’ll choose my own charities.

Anyway, this all started as a discussion about people being “invisible”. I thought about it yesterday when someone asked for money (I don’t make any excuses, I just say “no” in some polite form), and he said “have a nice day”. Apparently I didn’t respond quickly enough because he screamed it at me again and again.

Maybe I treat them as invisible, which probably isn’t right, but it is hardly the same as treating someone in a wheelchair etc. as invisible.

2018 seems to be going as fast as 2017 or even faster. Already January 9. At least I have noted each day is getting a little bit longer (as far as daylight). Also, each day is one less day of winter and one more day toward Spring and Summer!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

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