2018 Winter January 13 Saturday

18 degrees this morning. No walk.

Cold weather has returned, hopefully will start to warm up today. Skipped walking primarily because of he wind, which seems to affect my allergies more than the cold.

Start of a 3 day weekend, which is nice. While I enjoy my job, I also enjoy time off, especially holidays. This is actually the next to last holiday of the “holiday period”, when the majority of holidays are in the period of November 11 to the middle of February. In fact there are only three holidays outside of this period.

I was dismayed, but not surprised, to hear the lying coward lunatic babble about libel laws, and wanting to bring back the “earmarks” where billions of dollars are wasted on personal projects of Senators and Representatives.

What is so strange is the lying coward lunatic would be the major target of libel and slander lawsuits with his false, malicious personal attacks.

Also, it probably would hurt his pet donors like the kook brothers who fund slanderous and libelous personal attacks on political opponents. It would allow lawsuits to pry open the identity of the actual donors, like the kook brothers who slither in the mud of gross lies and attacks.

Not to mention his pet “low-class entertainment” fake fox news, whose lies and personal attacks would be exposed to lawsuits. Ditto on many of the “news” outlets who are funded by donors like the kook brothers and their slimy lies.

In spite of the excesses on both extremes, free speech is just too important. Hopefully some of the GOP will develop some backbone and realize they have enough money and stop any attempt to limit free speech.

Ditto on the “earmarks”. It is nothing more than an attempt to allow bribes to Representatives and Senators for kow towing and “paybacks” to donors.

I remember years ago, an organization paid a “lobbyist” a huge sum of money (like $100,000) and he “repaid” them with grants of over several million dollars.

Sometimes I think the wrong people are in jail.

Then lying coward lunatic, is a real embarrassment with his racist vulgar comments and obvious mental illnesses and his pathetic need for flattering or he makes vulgar, lying personal attacks if they don’t suck up to him enough. Pathetic.

Hopefully enough people with some courage will be elected this year who will impeach this criminal or use the 25th amendment to remove him for his mental illnesses.

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 13, 2018.

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