2018 Winter January 14 Sunday

31 degrees this morning, walk 34:54 minutes.

Cool but not really cold walk this morning. I guess the “power of layered” clothing is proved!

No pace or other information since the watch is in the repair facility, or whether will be soon. I am a little disappointed in the “Apple service” on this and a recent event in the past when I had to call about Aliene’s phone. Hopefully they are not the norm, since it was substandard to say the least.

I think that is where the “on-line” companies are going to eventually have to face are returns and repairs. It is bad enough having to “back up and restore” or “pair and unpaid” gadgets without having to hassle with packing it etc.

I don’t order a lot of stuff on-line just because I don’t want to hassle with sending it back, or especially deal with repairs or instructions. Invariably, like with the Canon printer, you have to wait hours on the phone and if I had bought it at a local store I would have just taken it back

Of course there are a lot of advantages to “on-line” shopping including almost unlimited selection etc.

I expect the “winning solution” will be a combination of on-line and local pickup and return.

Second day of a three day weekend. I look forward to the holidays and then they rush by!

I have been having really vivid dreams lately, one of which I remembered and recorded yesterday.

Saturday morning dream

Vivid dream where I was showing around some past coworkers in town.

What is strange it was in the first town I was City Manager in and in a car I haven’t had for years.

In addition it is strange I was showing past coworkers about my current job.

As I drove around, I realized I was outside of my area.

I turned onto a street that was being “oiled” Although it wasn’t closed, I drove really close to some big trucks.

I got oil all over my windshield and I turned on my windshield washers and they cleaned off the area of he washers.

Strangely, I could see the car from outside and see the areas where the windshield oil was on the areas the windshield washers didn’t go.

It seems unrelated, but at the end, I was in a building with steep steps, and someone was telling me “I just wanted to make sure you got the e-mail”.

I woke up.

Watched a little bit of the NFL playoffs, the first NFL football we have watched this year. I can see why the ratings are down.

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 14, 2018.

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