2018 Winter January 15 Monday

31 degrees this morning. no walk (sick)

“Late” getting this out, spent most of last night being sick. Not sure of the cause, but i ate some onions, and I know to never eat onions. I am just hoping it isn’t the flu, but I seem to be getting better this morning.

Feel a lot better this morning.

Of course, today is a holiday and I am going to take the day recovering! Somehow when I do get sick it is on a holiday!

As I recently mentioned, you never realize how good it is to feel healthy until you get sick. Certainly as the night continued I was more than ready to feel healthy again!

Without being crude, I’m not sure where I had stored all that food and liquid I was throwing up.

Anyway, I drink some gatorade, water and apple juice and feel a lot better. I will try eating something soon.

Watched “Madam Secretary” about a President who developed mental problems and the cabinet had to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Too close to the current situation, except I’m not sure the cabinet would have the courage to invoke the 25th Amendment

Got the box to send my Apple Watch in for repairs. How if I can figure out how to open the box and take the band off the watch! I”ll look on the internet, if necessary I”ll take it to the Apple store.

I also am checking on the internet about what to eat after getting sick (and possible causes etc.)

I guess the internet has basically replaced written instructions!

They tend to think everyone knows as much as they do, which is natural, but not very helpful.

The box has a packing tape that says “Do not break unless using part”. I have to wonder what in the heck they mean by that! The only “part” that should be in there is the return box.

Didn’t walk this morning obviously, probably won’t walk tomorrow morning either. (It will be extremely cold in addition to the fact I need to be careful as far as being sick last night.

Aliene is also coughing, so hopefully both of us are’t sick!

That’s it for now, Monday,, January 15, 2018.

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