2018 Winter January 16 Tuesday

9 degrees this morning (feels like -9 degrees!) No walk

Feeling a lot better this morning, but not up to taking a walk in 9 degrees, or probably any weather! I’m not sure of the reason I got sick (something I ate or a “bug”), but I definitely want to stay away from that!

Our house fortunately has well-balanced HVAC, which we really appreciate, especially in this kind of weather.

I recently read an article about “algorithmic surveillance”, how in our electronic “life” we are being “followed” so much and provide so much personal information.

I range from thinking “who cares” to feeling like “1984”, as forecast in the book is actually here.

It mentions about how we are leaving “tracks” (cookies) of every place we have been, probably our cell phones track us, we provide all kinds of information on “social networks” and obviously anytime we buy anything or even look at anything on a store site, we are bombarded with follow-up e-mails, even if it doesn’t make any sense to send followup e-mails about a printer or other one-time purchase.

One question they bring up is, is all of this changing our behavior? Is knowing your actions being followed encourage pro-social behavior (or vice versa).

I usually think who would really care what I think? But then I read about bureaucrats and politicians who are trying to suppress voting from certain classes of people who are even perceived that they will “vote wrong” and I become very concerned.

Of course, the minimal cost (if any) of each e-mail etc. also encourages spam like follow-up e-mail based on the theory that the potential returns are so much greater than the cost, unless you consider the irritation they cause.

I read once about a “spamer” who sent out like millions of e-mails and made some nominal amount, like a $100, but it was worth it to him because of the nominal cost. I think bothering millions of people for $100 is hardly worth it and wonder about someone who would do that. (It may have been thousands of e-mails, but the principle is the same)

By the way, my Apple “Express Repair” box came yesterday morning. I actually got the band off the watch and got it in the box and ready to go. Fed Ex will actually pick it up, which is nice.

It wasn’t all that hard, but I really don’t like having to send it off for repairs. One reason I always liked Apple was I had someplace I could bring my device and talk to a person.

Planning on working today, a “field day”. The cold temperature really doesn’t worry me, I am in it so little (I am in the car or in an office most of the time). I’ll try it and return if I don’t feel well.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

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