2018 Winter January 17 Wednesday

5 degrees this morning, no walk.

I don’t know if I would have walked if I hadn’t been sick Sunday night, but I definitely knew I was not walking this morning. I actually feel fine, I just don’t know what made me sick and I don’t want to tempt the tiger so to speak.

If it really was the grilled onions, I will definitely stay away from grilled onions in the future!. (Actually I will anyway). After my experience I probably will precut more moderation in my eating (or rather I will practice more moderation).

Years ago I ate a “grilled onion burger” (well, actually two small ones) and was up all night with an upset stomach, but nothing like Sunday night. I also do not tolerate banana’s, cucumbers (but pickles are fine!) or similar food well, in fact banana’s are especially bad for me and I avoid them.

Eating in more moderation is one of my projects anyway to start a more healthy eating pattern and I am reading up on it and trying to develop new habits.

This type of cold gets tiresome fast! Actually my “field day” yesterday was fine, the only time I am in the cold is when I am transitioning from the car to an office. Occasionally I do go into some very cold repair shops etc, then a coat is normally ok for the amount of time I am in there.

Yesterday I visited an auto repair shop where the mechanic was working outside (in around 17 degrees weather). I’m not quite sure how he did that.

Actually I am amazed at the number of repair facilities etc. that have no HVAC at all.

Tuesday morning dream

Another dream, who knows what this means.

Dreamed I found myself in a Barnes and Noble (or similar place) early in the morning, but couldn’t remember how I got there and my car wasn’t in the parking lot. The Barnes and Noble appeared to be connected to an old style supermarket.

Somehow Aliene came down to pick me up, I don’t recall which car or if both cars were at our house.

I didn’t recognize the house, it appeared to be similar to my Uncle and Aunt’s house when I was a child.

One of my brothers was in the house and suddenly I heard a door open and a shadow pass by.

I started calling “who’s there” and there was no answer. I heard a door close and I walked to the kitchen door.

It was locked, I banged on the door but didn’t get an answer and somehow I could look through a hole in the door and see the hair of a person who was looking at something. (I still get a little chill when I read this.)

I asked my brother if we should bang the door down.

I woke up.

I don’t try to analyze my individual dreams, rather trends. This hopefully is not a new trend.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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