2018 Winter January 18 Thursday

24 degrees this morning (feels like 11 degrees) no walk

Cold continues although moderating some. Decided not to walk today, hopefully will start again tomorrow. Concerning about catching a cold or the flu.

Looking forward to the “winter break” when we are going to be in warm weather for a brief period. Looking forward to it and remembering it is probably just as important as doing it. Something like “the journey is the destination”.

As I start to prepare my taxes this year, it is hard to believe the government gave huge tax cuts to the wealthy while doing little, other that a tricky attempt to give the illusion of a tax cut in an election year by decreasing withholding this year for the “low and moderate” income people.

A real betrayal by our elected “representatives” and a big return on their investment for the bribes extremist nuts like the kook brothers and big “donors” made and of course the Senators and Representatives who betrayed us also make out well. Of course, the lying coward lunatic will also receive a big windfall, in additional to the money he is ripping off now playing golf and charging the government from his properties.

What is really scary is the way all of the people around the lying coward lunatic suddenly become flattering sycophants (there is a more descriptive word I won’t use), even a supposed “Doctor” who says the lunatic will “live for 200 years”. Sick.

I think it is the same symptom that has been destroyed countries and cultures forever when everyone is scared to tell even a smidgen of truth to a lunatic who will only consider flattery. North Korea is probably the best example now and the United States is rapidly becoming one also.

That is one reason the “free press” is so important, as long as the press doesn’t fall into the flattery trap also.

Back to my taxes, I actually somewhat enjoy doing the taxes, except for the final product when I see how much I pay. For years I did my own, than starting using tax software that of course eliminated a lot of the drudgery.

It is really hard to believe that January 2018 is over 50 % over already. I always realize how little I have achieved (versus what I have planned) when I realize how fast time has passed.

While Planning is important, I have also found that you can also “overplan” and spend all of your time planning and not “doing”!

On the other hand, if I could plan some of my projects well, it would take much less time to complete them. As a somewhat trivial example, my Hot Wheels pictures. If I could see up a “photo booth” someplace, I could take a lot more pictures. In fact that just gives me an idea I may try.

I always like the saying “The Journey is the Reward”, and feel it is somewhat true.

That’s it for now Thursday, January 18,2018.

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