2018 Winter January 20 Saturday

50 degrees this morning, walk 33:54 minutes

Definitely a “cold 50 degrees” this morning. I thought I had dressed warm enough, if not too warm, but the wind and the high moisture content definitely made it seem much colder.

It really almost seemed colder than the 20 degree weather, (when there was no wind), but that may be a frame of mind.

Walk time this morning was, I think, a record. Unfortunately since I don’t have the Apple watch I don’t have the pace and the time isn’t really exactly right since I had to pull a device out of my pocket and find the stopwatch. (I had forgotten to get my wristwatch stopwatch out of my swimming stuff)

I really miss the Apple watch, I am disappointed it is made so shoddy that the face comes off. After it happened, I saw a lot of instances where this is a common problem, apparently ignored by Apple.

My walking time was significantly improved (I think) by the book “Dark Money” and what I was hearing about what only can be described as criminal enterprise of corrupt criminal “thinktanks”, corrupt politicians who are “bought and paid for” and criminals like the kook brothers, de vice family and especially all “fossil fuel” companies, who are spending billions buying politicians and public opinion to stop alternative energy and “global warming” controls, safety regulations protecting the workers, regulations protecting the environment and public and of course the fake fox “news” which is nothing more than a bunch of liars pushing a paid for agenda.

I won’t bother going into more detail, since that isn’t my purpose here. It is really scary, especially when a career criminal (pruitt) who plundered Oklahoma for years, using public funds for a luxury office near his house, using publicly paid attorneys as basically paid attorneys for the oil and gas companies etc. is endangering the safety of workers and the public by being the paid puppet for the oil and gas companies. etc.

De vice, who is “in charge” of destroying public educations has actually paid fines for fraud (defrauding the Canadian government) and violation of election guidelines. That is just the times they got caught and couldn’t bribe their way out of it.

Then of course there is the pervert lying coward lunatic who is enabled by a political party that has lost it’s way

And these people are in charge!!! Scary.

Walking fast won’t help that! What is really scary all the money used to buy the politicians and mass media that is totally unaccountable.
As I have mentioned before, I never know where this journal will lead. This morning I certainly hadn’t intended to write about this, but the book was so scary (and detailed) it was on my mind.

Supposed to be in the 60’s at least today, looking forward to it!

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 20, 2018.

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