2018 Winter January 21 Sunday

54 degrees this morning, Walk 35:15 minutes

Walk was, again, a little colder than I expected for 54 degrees.

Walk time was much more than yesterday for whatever reason. Really miss the Apple Watch. My regular stop watch disappeared someplace, but it still doesn’t provide near the information of the Apple Watch.

For some reason the book “Dark Money” reset to the beginning, so rather than mess with resetting of the book (I’ll reset it when I get time and listen to the last few hours), I started on “Grant”, the latest biography,

It was good to read about an honorable leader (maybe flawed, but still honorable and a true leader) instead of the “bought and paid for” lunatic and a bunch of bought and paid for cowards and sycophants who care only about themselves snd their owners (donors) and have no regard for public service.

They are nothing but puppets of their donors and will be long remembered for the incredible incompetence and dishonesty.

I read on the internet (so it must be true) that they selfish criminal Rand Paul got $500,000 as a reward from the kook brothers after he helped push through the tax bail out giving them billions in tax deductions, probably most hidden someplace. A real criminal. Of course, that is only the above board bribe, not the hidden bribe.

What is really scary isn’t just the lunatic and his insane actions, it is the millions of people who will be hurt by the elimination of regulations.

I read recently they were bragging about reducing inspectors in ham production, having the owners “inspect” the ham. Sure.

Makes me want to to to buying food only in local areas since I’m sure we will start hearing a lot about food poisoning and related diseases from the lunatics elimination of “regulations” without any regard for “good” regulations.

Ditto for safety regulations and regulations on “fossil fuels”, we will see more workers killed at work by unsafe work practices and more “spills” and poisoning of our water and land by companies who are unregulated and care only about “quarterly profit”.

And meanwhile the lunatic and his band of cowards and sycophants crow about “eliminating regulations” and how this “increases profits” of companies without mentioning the costs of worker injury and deaths and environmental damage. Sick.

Back to the book about Grant, it was good to read about a leader who wants to do something because it is right and not because some “donor” wants it.

While I know I muse a lot on time passing so fast, when I wrote “January 21” this morning it was a little shock to the system to realize that January of 2018 would soon be over!

I plan on getting started on my “project status” review again to keep me going on projects. I think one problem is I attempt to do my projects in “spare time” and don’t make the projects a priority. Of course to do that, I will need to make a priority of my projects first!

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 21, 2018.2018

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