2018 Winter January 22 Monday

39 degrees this morning, walk 35:24 minutes.

Coolish this morning, but overall good weather for a walk. No wind.

Not sure why the time was relatively slow, didn’t have “pace” information, although I could probably figure it out.

Listening to the new biography of “Grant” during my walk. It is interesting, which is good since it is almost 50 hours or so, so I will be living with it for awhile.

I probably ought to use my time when I am on a “field day” better by using the time I am in the car to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Another project I will need to look at! There are so many good podcasts etc. it is a same not to listen to at least some of them.

I have found I can listen at 1.25 speed which helps some. I have tried 1.5 times, but that is just a little too fast. Maybe now that I am used to 1.25 I could try to push it a little.

I’m about ready to make another push to “weed” items. I am using a new frame of mind, approaching it from a new viewpoint, that I will need to see how it works in practice.

While I was sick last week and in that strange land between wakefulness and sleep the term “You are floating around in the prison of yourself” went through my mind. I guess you could look at it in a lot of ways. It was a strong enough thought that I got up and made a note of he quote.

Probably depends on whether someone feels like they are limited by whom they are. I guess that could be limitations of age, personality, opportunity, or whatever as well as self-imposed limitations.

It was a strange thought for me to have since I never considered myself in any type of prison, but it could be construed to mean that there are always certain limitations you ave to overcome.

Another dream that I noted:

Dreamed Aliene and I moved into a house. What was strange was that it had a fish tank (as an outside wall). I was asking about how to take care of the fish and Aliene said “just take them out if they die”.

I was vaguely worried about the glass breaking, but this didn’t seem to be a concern. I really don’t remember seeing any fish in the fish tank, just that the fish were there.

The house seemed to keep switching from a regular house to a basement. When I looked at the house from the outside I never noticed the fishtank wall and it appeared to be a regular house.

At one point, it was raining, and for some reason our car was parked inside the house. Th rain came in on the car and I commented about the house being “on the wrong side so rain comes in on the car”. Aliene agreed.

Aliene’s brother and his wife were strong in the dream for some reason, in the sense they always seemed to be present.

The location appeared to be close to where I grew up. No indication as to why were were moving to this area or this house, or if we had brought or rented the house.

Field day today as another work week starts.

That’s it for now, Monday, January 22, 2018.

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