2018 Winter January 24 Wednesday

28 degrees this morning, walk 35:44 minutes

Definitely cool this morning, although I forget about it once I get going and my internal engine heats me up! I basically wear 3 layers of clothing, which does a good job of helping keep me warm.

Every morning I usually look forward to writing this journal with anticipation, even when I have no idea what I am going to say. It is always better to have something in mind before I start, but it is also nice to just start and see what develops.

For years, I could usually forecast stock market tops and bottoms by a Business Week cover. When a cover finally came out that basically said the “structure has changed” and the current stock market is the “new structure” it is time to sell or buy, as the case may be.

One cover, at a market bottom was “The Death of Equities”. Shortly after that the market reversed.

That was when I knew the market was going to change and it was either a market top or bottom. Unfortunately, I never acted on this knowledge, but I at least felt like I know an indicator.

I thought of this because Jim Cramer (Mad Money) just said that “this time, it (the Stock Market) really is different”.

Of course, the lying coward lunatic, in addition to embarrassing us, is now paying off his donors in the coal industry by using tariffs to try to destroy the solar industry and revert back 100 years to coal.

I expect the lunatic will end up destroying the excellent economy he inherited with his stupidity and his inability to take advice from anyone but sycophants who flatter him, “the empire’s clothes” type of situation

Listening the Grant’s biography. As I mentioned previously I have learned a lot about him that I didn’t know before.

He apparently had a lot of compassion and this was even mentioned in letters home from Army personnel who served with him

On the other hand, he was lauded for his ability to maintain cool under pressure (in the case the pressure of battle).

One thing we share is our dislike for “bullfighting”. When I was in Spain, I went to a bullfight and my reaction was that I never wanted to attend one again, it was simply cruelty to the bull. Grant wrote that he was really repelled by bullfighting .

I had the same reaction to “professional wrestling”, I was not only appalled by the injuries to the wrestlers (which are real, not fake), but even more the reaction of the crowd. I lefty halfway through and never went back. (At least the wrestlers have a choice, the bull doesn’t.)

Not that I have anything agains wrestling as such, if people enjoy it, that is fine with me. As I have mentioned before, I enjoy some boxing, especially the ones that are the “Saturday night” variety rather than the heavily promoted ones. I sure some people find boxing boring or cruel also.)

That’s it for now. Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

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