2018 Winter January 25 Thursday

44 degrees this morning no walk (schedule)

Almost a balmy day yesterday here. One of those perfect days that forecast Spring. A little cool, but nice. Hopefully today will be the same.

I recently heard that the daylight is already 30 minutes more than it was at the start of Winter, which is encouraging.

It is always a little strange that in the dead of Winter, Summer is starting, (longer days) and in the height of Summer, Winter is starting (shorter days).

I think it is an indication that “in the midst of charge, there is change”, or something like that. Even though I am enjoying Summer, there is the realization that Winter is coming and while I an enduring Winter, I realize Summer is coming!

I will definitely be ready for a break from Winter weather in several weeks!

Speaking of change, it is approaching time for me to buy new walking shoes for my walk again. I use one set of walking shoes only for my daily walk until the mileage reaches the lifetime of the shoe.

In addition to the mileage (I take the “lifetime mileage with a grain of salt), I also try to evaluate the condition of the shoe. Actually the mileage (depending on the shoe from 250 to 350 miles) is usually an accurate indication. The last shoes I took to 400 miles and that was too far.

Anyway, the decision is important to me since I realize I have to live with the shoe for at least 300 miles. After I “retire” the shoe from walking every day, I use it for causal use until they start to feel uncomfortable.

I have learned my lesson and I am taking care of my feet! While the shoes are more expensive, it is a lot cheaper than foot problems and foot surgery!

On another subject, our “recycling” has gotten to the point that we are filling up a 90 gallon container every pickup (every other week) and are now having to “stage” recycling since we have more recycling material than the capacity available I don’t know if that is good or bad!

If I can ever transition myself off of physical newspapers, it will probably save us a lot of recycling, but why stop something you enjoy?

I really find I just don’t read the on-line newspapers as throughly or on a regular basis like I do a physical newspaper. I like most of the on-line newspapers, I just psychologically don’t always read them on a regular basis.

A physical newspaper sits there and guilts you to read it, an on-line newspaper quietly disappears .

Both have their advantages, but I expect that the physical newspapers are on their way out. I can’t imagine reading the Sunday New York Times on line, but ….

I had a short dream this morning that I hit a curb while driving. Probably that is a result of all of the big concrete dividers around here.

Years ago, I realized the fallacy of the concrete dividers versus simple paint schemes. Actually, most people follow the paint schemes (turn lanes etc.) and more accidents are caused by people hiding the hideous concrete dividers than people not following the paint schemes.

If I wanted to be negative, I would note that concrete dividers provide a lot more profit to the engineers and construction companies!

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 25, 2018.

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