2018 Winter January 26 Friday

50 degrees this morning, walk 34:26 minutes

Wind this morning. It seemed a lot colder than 50 degrees when the wind is blowing 23 mph! Overall, it wasn’t that bad, I have a light exercise jacket that repels the wind. Actually I wear it from 0 degrees (and less) to about 68 degrees as an outer garment, with, of course, varying layers underneath.

Still haven’t gotten a replacement Apple Watch. I really miss it, although I enjoy wearing some of my other watches.

I noted the new Apple Watch has “interval training” (maybe an upgrade for the earlier watches, I’m not sure), which I think will help a lot. I like having the GPS, the “pace” and the heart beats per minute etc.

I was thinking this morning that we really haven’t had any “bad” weather as far as ice or snow this weather.

I had that irrational thought that I shouldn’t think about it, it may cause bad weather to mention how there hasn’t really been any “bad” snow or ice, like I could control the weather!

I am sure “weather” will be weather regardless of what I say or think, so I think I can safety say it has been a good winter as far as no ice or snow without causing ice and snow!

When I thought about that it reminded me of a story I heard about a “utopia” that existed where everyone was happy etc. The deep dark secret was that (I may have this incorrect in the actual particulars) all of this happiness depending the a young boy being miserable and in prison or something like that. I don’t remember all the details, but I’ll have to research it.

I mentioned the recycling cart the other day. Oddly enough, the “regular” trash cart is green, the “recycling” cart is blue, although it does have a green top.

I thought about this since I am scheming how to maximize the capacity of the recycling cart. As I mentioned it is only picked up every other week and we are having a hard time with getting all of our recycling into it.

For some odd reason, I enjoy tearing down boxes. I especially like trying to get as much waste cardboard as possible into a cart without overfilling it. I’m not sure why I enjoy cutting down cardboard boxes, but I do.

Actually when I was in college I had a part time job that included cutting down boxes to minimize the cost of picking up trash since if they weren’t cut down, they would cost a lot more to dispose of.

Every time I think about that job, I think about the toilet seat that was clear plastic and had actually money encased in it (probably just $1.00 and $5.00 bills and change, I don’t really recall). (Absolute truth). It cost, for the time, some astounding amount, like $200 just for the lid. I never knew if anyone actually bought one.

That’s it for now, Friday, January 26, 2018.

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