2018 Winter January 27 Saturday

45 degrees this morning, walk 35:24 minutes.

Weather was about what I would expect of 45 degrees, maybe a little cooler than I expected.

Another weekend here already, and the first month of January is almost over! It is good to think that there is basically one more month of possible severe weather and then (almost as bad unfortunately) the lingering coolness of March, April and the first part of May. However the coolness is offset by the sporadic warm weather, the new flowers, green grass and leaves growing on trees!

Still have not replaced Apple Watch, I really miss having it. I am especially looking forward to the “interval training”. I also really like have the gps and the “pace” calculator.

Listening to the new biography of “Grant”. Many biographies go into minute detail on the early lives and become rather boring at times. In this case, the author keeps it interesting and emphasizes some of the experiences and how they affected him later.

In some cases, experiences that seemed disastrous at the time, in the retrospect of what happened, were actually positive for his life. I expect that happens in everyone’s life, and probably vice-versa.

Trying out reading different “fiction”. Some of the fiction I used to read was becoming “same old” stuff and I was getting restless.

I found that fiction i like is limited. Actually I like some somewhat trashy fiction occasionally, but again I get tired of it fast if it becomes a matter of the same old plot and frequently the characters, the names may change but they are the same old characters.

I tried several fiction authors recently. One was just too involved. I saw it was recommended by “experts” and readers alike, but I think it just got too involved for me to keep interested.

Then I started one that showed a little promise, although ti was out of my normal realm. It concerned the world being taken over by aliens who took over human beings. Kind of a modern “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. That was movie I loved, especially the ending!

Anyway, I saw a lot of promise but the book quickly became too “far out” and I probably am going to quit reading it.

It is kind of an uneasy feeling. I have always enjoyed reading, sometimes up to a book a day when I was younger, or on vacations etc. so I am rather uneasy about not finding fiction I really like, the type that grabs you and makes you want to read all night. Not that I want to stay up all night reading but I like the idea of finding a book I look forward to retuning too.

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 27, 2018

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