2018 Winter January 28 Sunday

28 degrees this morning, Walk 34:52 minutes

While I don’t like the cold, I have learned to dress for it so at least it is bearable, even if I don’t really like. No wind this morning.

Supposed to get up to the 70’s today.

Working on taxes, one of the “priority” projects. While I kind of enjoy the process, I don’t like what I see when I see what our taxes are going to be and think of the “gift” of trillions of dollars to big corporations and donors.

“Trumpeconomics” stealing from the poor and giving to the rich and then giving a small portion back to the poor and trying to tell you it is a gift!

What really made me angry is reading that the kook brothers and associated criminals and perverts who are making billions form the reduced taxes, “government contracts with inflated profits”, and elimination of regulations protecting workers and the public are spending millions to run ads to tell us how the theft of tax dollars is “good” for the common people as they probably refer to us. Sicko’s.

Meanwhile, of course, the real criminal actions continue with perverted incompetent criminals like pruitt, de vice (and other of the appointed incompetent criminals) “eliminating regulations” that protect workers from on the job injuries and deaths, environmental pollution (allowing their “owners” the fossil fuel industry to pollute at will and make billions more in profit) and eliminating consumer protections so the criminals can cheat and steal from consumers at will.

I remember reading about how de vice had approved contracts involved student loans (or something like that) to companies she had an ownership interest in and the contracts were “worth hundreds of millions of dollars” in profits. Why is a government contact ever provided without bidding etc. that is “worth hundreds of millions of dollars” in profits?

I don’t disagree that there may be too many regulations, but the lying perverted coward lunatic and his incompetent appointees elimination of regulations without considering the public benefit is aimed at costing the public and benefiting their donors.

Sometimes I think I need to just quit reading and watching about the “news”, but that would be giving in. At some point I need to get involved, in at least a small way, although I haven’t decided how yet.

Listening to the biography of “Grant” on my walk. Right now, it is in the period of his life when life was really hard for him and his family. The one thing that makes it better is know that eventually things worked out for him.

Kind of like a reverse of the play “Out Town”, which I always found depressing to read, and I assume you were meant to be depressed by it.

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 28, 2018.

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