2018 Winter January 29 Monday

29 degrees this morning (felt like 17 degrees), walk 34:34 minutes

Temperature during my walk this morning was definitely nippy. Even a little colder than I expected, but my “internal furnace” took over after a short bit and I didn’t even really think about the cold again.

I did need to wear gloves this morning, which is how I define “cold”! Actually the wind was the main reason it felt so much colder this morning.

Miss knowing my “pace”, heart bpm, and my exact distance, hopefully the Apple Watch will be replaced soon.

Today is “Kansas Day”, the day Kansas became a state. Oddly enough “Kansas Day” as such was actually created in 1877 by a group of school children in Paola, Kansas. I don’t know the entire story.

I guess I got it ingrained in me from growing up in Kansas about “Kansas Day” being a day to observe, I always think about it on January 29, no matter where I am or what I am doing.

Hopefully Kansas can recover from the antics of the current Governor and his destruction of the Kansas economy and the social and economic destruction created by the kook brothers.

Listening to the biography on “Grant” and this is exactly the point in the book where I am now. Lincoln was just elected and it is in the period between his election and his taking office.

Another dream that really was intense::

First part I was sitting at a “student” dest type desk (the old wooden type). I as in a group, I believe I was in an office in the dream.

My iPad alarm went off. I couldn’t get it shut off and it kept blaring out.

Everyone ignored it at First, and then they said someone was coming (like a Commissioner or Mayor etc. it never really was said).

The alarm kept going and people started getting restless.

Someone finally told me I was going to have to take it out to the car if I couldn’t get it shut off.

I stood up and then realized it was my iPhone alarm, not my iPad alarm the was going off. I turned dow the sound to where it couldn’t be heard

I woke up. This dream appeared to be in a city where I was in high school.

The next stage involved going to a conference.. Not sure what conference. but we were staying like at a house in the woods, although the scene reminded me of downtown Kansas City Missouri.

I walked a long way to someplace where we stayed,.

The people with me got in the car to go back and I realized I had forgotten to put my shoes on.

They drove me back and then when I walked outside, they had left me.

I walked back to a store where we had ordered t-shirts. I picked them up.

I don’t recall anything else , but it did strongly represent down town Kansas City, at least as I remember it.

Very strange dreams The people involved were people I used to work with.

Kept wanting to go back to sleep and finish the dream even nodded off a little while writing this and the dream continued.

A really weird dream. the people I used to work with were (in real life) “problem children” in reality, so I won’t name any names!

That’s it for now, Monday, January 29, 2018.

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