2018 Winter January 30 Tuesday

32 degrees this morning (feels like 22), walk 34:34 minutes

Sometimes the “idea” of waling in the cold is a lot worse than the actuality. Especially since I dress for the cold in “layers” and although I may feel a little cool at first, my internal furnace takes over.

It is probably the continual temperature where 32 degrees is “normal” as much as anything. Anyway, one more day towards Summer is complete!

Today my walk time was exactly the same time as yesterday. The odds against that happening two days in a row is probably very high!

I recently read an article about how there is a growing trend of belief that “things” have some form of consciousness (panpsychism)

One example was a “spoon” has a form of consciousness. I wonder if (assuming a spoon has a consciousness) if when the consciousness is different when it is a the raw plastic (or even the petroleum that makes the plastic) and when it is a plastic spoon?

It seems i would have to be different, maybe it would assimilate all of the previous “consciousnesses” into one “unique” (for lack of a better word) conscious.

The general feeling (this is from a very small amount of information) seems to be that each particle may have some form of consciousness and when it is formed together, it forms a different conscious.

I also wonder is the owner of a “thing” such as a desk etc. influences the “thing’ and the “thing” carries the influence of the owner for it’s lifetime.

I was thinking earlier about my Dad’s dresser. It is kind of a unique dresser (it may be the wrong term), it has three large drawers on the bottom, two smaller drawers at the top and a large “box” type opening along side the smaller dressers.

Anyway, when I was a child, we were absolutely forbidden to touch, much less open a drawer etc. of my Dad’s dresser. Of course that meant we snuck in and looked at it at every opportunity.

Anyway, even today, I sometimes feel a little sense of unease when I open my Dad’s dresser. (We still refer to it as “Daddy’s dresser”, not mine, although I really feel I am just a custodian of it during my lifetime.)

Anyway, I kind of wonder if some essence of my Dad is not in the dresser and I am picking up on it. Not that it is negative necessarily, I’m sure it is just my natural reaction.

Aliene also has some furniture she refers to as “Granny’s”, so I don’t feel too abnormal.

Kind of like in small towns where a House is called (for example), the “Jones House”, long after anyone named Jones ever lived there!.

Office day today. That is one thing I really like about my job, it is never the same old routine, but there is enough of a routine to provide a comfort zone that I step out of frequently, but it is still there.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

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