2018 Winter January 31 Wednesday

52 degrees this morning, walk 34:38 minutes

About the coldest 52 degrees I have ever experienced! It may be I dressed a little too lightly, expecting 52 degrees to be “warm”.

The wind was also a little more nasty than usual, I was wearing my gloves and I frequently don’t wear them in much cooler temperatures.

As I mentioned the wind was a little more nasty than usual, or it could be I felt it because I may have dressed too lightly.

The last day of January of 2018. The year is already 1/12 over!

The walk this morning reinforced my looking forward to the “vacation” from the cold in a few weeks! Then March will arrive and essentially Spring is here! and Summer will follow!

I learned that using the # tag to help store and recover items on the internet has it’s limitations. i tried using the #Articles, to save some articles. Until I tried to retrieve them I didn’t realize how many people use the same # tag and of course people who try to use numerous # tags (some completely unrelated to their post) to attract as many readers as possible.

I don’t really care, I just want to be able to retrieve it myself when I need it! So I am using more unique # tags.

One of the traits I learned about “Grant” while listening to his biography this morning is that he was a horrible organizer, as far as filing paperwork.

Of closure, the whole reason for organization (or a primary reason anyway) is to be about to find something when you want it, and not have to spend time looking for it!

In “Grant”, the action is now right at the start of the Civil War,, and Grant’s genius is just starting to be recognized.

I have been thinking some more about “things” having a conscious and how this conscious is formed, at the particle level (with each particle having a conscious) or at a more complex.

I would have to argue that (assuming particle have a conscious and I’m don’t know what to think, I am simply presenting the point), the consciousness is at the particle level and each particle influences the the other particles.

So I would say that a spoon may have a conscious, but the conscious is different since each particle influences each other particle. The spoon may have a much different conscious than a fork, since each particle is different and influences each other particle different.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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