2018 Winter February 1 2018

42 degrees this morning, windy. No walk, both schedule and wind!

Yesterday morning kind of taught me a lesson about wind, there is just no way of estimating how cold it will seem from the temperature if there is a “windy” wind!

It is strange how, even when I don’t walk, there is about 2 hours when I don’t sleep. I may go into somewhat of a trance, but I don’t sleep. Any of the other 22 hours of the day I can literally take a nap within seconds if I decide I need a nap. One of the many mysteries of life I guess.

Actually, I wake after I sleep a certain number of hours. Then I am basically awake for two hours. May well just be habit.

February of 2018. A new month already, even as I am still getting used to writing “2018”.

Actually February of 1988 was a key month of change in my life, it hardly seems like 30 years have passed since then! I literally have to count to make sure it really is 30 years!

Reading about the “wonders of Evernote” again. I have found some value in it, primary as a note storage system, but I keep feeling I should get much more out of it.

I really hadn’t thought until I was reading about how Evernote is such a good note-taking tool, that I rarely take any notes any more. Occasionally I will take a note about something I see on TV, or from a book or a web page. However, nothing like I used to do.

Part of that is that my life has changed and I simply rarely have any meetings where I have to take significant notes.

However I feel a major role also is that computers do much of my “memory” for me, or I know I can always find it on the internet (well, not always and you don’t know if it is true or not!).

Certainly I have noticed I have quit maintaining many paper files because I can keep it on my phone, which is always accessible and it is backed up to the cloud etc.

The related information on Apple, where if I put someone on my phone, it shows up on all my phones, my laptop, my desktop and my iPad is truly amazing!

Perhaps that is why it is so disturbing when something goes wrong. For example, for some reason I “lost” one of my “folder” in notes on my laptop and desktop but not my phones! It was a “folder” that had over 400 files or notes, so that was disturbing.

I didn’t lose the information, I just lost the “Folder”, but of course the whole idea of organizing information is so I can find it. I still can “search” and find information, but that really isn’t the point.

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 1, 2018.

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