2018 Winter February 3 Saturday

35 degrees this morning, no walk

The wind was higher more than usual this morning. Didn’t walk because of a cough and also the wind.

Weekend is here. The work week seems to go fast and then the weekend also goes fast.

As I have mentioned before, I have found the Apple “Notes” application to be very useful and valuable. So, I was very concerned when one of my “Folders” disappeared from my laptop and desktop, but fortunately not from my phones and iPads.

Basically, if it had been a paper folder, it was as if someone had pulled our the contents of the folder and scattered them throughout all the file cabinet. The contents are still there, they just aren’t in the folder anymore.

Since this was my largest folder (426 items), there is no way I am going to manually rebuild the folder, at least until I know it won’t happen again.

Why it stayed on my iPads and iPhones and disappeared off the laptop and desktop appear to be related to the type of operating system.

Anyway, again I contacted Apple Support and I was impressed (after I got hold of the right person) that they are trying to resolve the problem.

The problem with a problem with like this is that it could make me lose confidence in “Notes” and it really is a very valuable application for me. For some reason, the “Notes” for iPads and iPhones has a lot more features than the “Notes” for the laptops and desktop.

Sometimes I believe the structure of how we use our time has really changed due to a variety of factors. Probably involves a lot more options for our time.

It used to be that basically reading and conversation were they only options for time. Then theaters and movies, than tv, then the basic internet, and now all of the “social media” options.

As I have noted, my reading habits have certainly changed, as I struggle to find the time to “enjoy” fiction and I find myself basically unable to “enjoy” a lot of books because I feel I am wasting time.

When I think about my time, I try to realize that priorities are important, but, at the same time, It is “my” time and how I choose to use my time is basically decided by me. (Of course, I don’t mean to not include family and friends etc. in the factor of how we use our time, obviously that is important, but overall, we still have a lot of “flexible” time that we are responsible for using to best of our ability.)

I guess I am wondering when I (or anyone) decides that there are some things you limit because of the time factor? For example, maybe I should quit struggling with time spent on fiction books etc. and just realize I am not, and will not, spend near the time reading that I used to (at least the traditional books and magazines etc., the internet involves a lot of reading also).

More on this in the future.

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 3, 2018.

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