2018 Winter February 6 Tuesday

20 degrees this morning, feels like 7 degrees. No walk

Started feeling somewhat ill yesterday, it was a weird feeling. I came home and slept most of the evening as well as sleeping all night.

Of course my biggest fear was i was coming down with the flu or something like that. However other than feeling extremely tired, and a little more coughing than usual, I was basically ok. I’ll see.

This morning I feel ok, I’ll see how i feel after I am up for awhile.

Every time I start to feel a little sick etc., I realize how nice it is to feel good!

The Super Bowl on Sunday was interesting. We started to watch it “live” since we were going to actually watch the commercials, except we decided to watch it “delayed” so we could skip some of the hoopla the NFL put on. Does anyone really watch that?

I don’t mean the commercials or even the “analysis” of the talking heads, I mean the meaningless video shorts or whatever that seem to just waste time. Anyway, we skipped through that!

Somehow I never seem to “get” some of the commercials. I don’t see where they are that good or funny and the next day I read about how many were funny or whatever. I think many of them try to hard. Some are obviously funny and even I get them.

Apple Support is still working on my “lost folder” problem. The person who called said he would work on it until it was resolved, we’ll see! i’m sure they will work on resolving the problem, but I don’t really see how it can be resolved.

Hopefully it can be reversed, since I don’t really look forward to putting 430 items back into a folder! Especially if I do’t know if it will stay together (in the folder) or not!

Got an e-mail this morning that my replacement Apple Watch is being shipped! I will be glad to get it!

Like Evernote and other computer programs and computers, “smart phones”, watches etc. I am always aware that I am using only a small percentage of the potential of these devices! Kind of like the human brain I guess!

I think part of the reason is the time it takes to learn the device, versus the actual reward, plus the continual matter of relearning.

I find many of the programs etc. are excellent, but if I don’t use them every day or at least on a regular basis, I forgot how to use the program! Every time I use it, it becomes easier, but it still takes time and the time may not be worth the “reward” of what the program or app does.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 6, 2018.

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