2018 Winter February 7 Wednesday

25 degrees this morning feels like 12 degrees, no walk

Feeling a lot better but still not quite sure what I had. A second episode of a “24 hour” virus (the last several weeks ago), although I really think several weeks ago was a reaction to something I ate.

What surprised me was the amount of time I slept. To me, if I sleep, it is because I need to. I am basically back to my normal sleeping habits today. Although my walk has never created any problems, I decided it might be best to not walk for several days, especially during the cold since I am so susceptible to cold weather.

I have noticed I even have a cough reaction to cold water.

Scary that the delusional lying coward lunatic wants a “billion dollar parade”, unless it is to celebrate his impeachment or conviction and jailing. A true wannabe dictator or king who is an incompetent lunatic.

Spends billions of dollars on “parades” and going to play golf at “his” resort while trying to shaft low and moderate income citizens.

Hopefully some common sense about some ridiculous super expensive “parade” will prevail and it will be cancelled This delusional lunatic has created enough problems and will cost us (and future generations) trillions with his lunatic decisions, shoveling tax dollars to his donors (and himself) and the coward sycophant GOP who enable his insane actions.

No matter what the delusional coward lunatic does, he is a liar. A liar just can’t be trusted. He is even worse than a liar, he glories in his lies and surrounds himself with sycophants (that is the polite word) who won’t tell the perverted lunatic “the president has no clothes”. Shame on them.

Looking over history, I don’t think we have ever had such a gutless, cowardly group of Senators and Representatives. I feel a lot of it is simply greed, they are willing to do anything to pay off their donors and get their special interests considered.

February 6 passed without me noting that it marked a significant change in my life, 30 years ago, February 6, 1988. It wasn’t a “one time” event, it was the start of a significant change in my life, for good or bad. (Looking back it was good.)

I can look back and see where events significantly changed my life, obviously decisions about jobs etc, which you know are significant when you make the decisions.

We missed a “freezing rain” scenario yesterday by just a few miles (thank goodness). We were expecting it but it went south, thank goodness.

We still have the cold weather and the possibility of snow or ice next week, we will see.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

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