2018 Winter February 8 Thursday

28 degrees this morning (feels like 20 degrees), no walk

Decided to hold off on walking this morning while I fully recover from whatever I had. I feel a lot better from whatever I had and I don’t want to get it again!

My replacement Apple Watch arrived! It was actually a snap to set up and restore. Now my only concern is if my old band will work on this watch. I haven’t set up the “cellular” part of the watch yet, may or may not do it.

I am very glad to have an Apple Watch again. Since it is the latest edition, it should last me fro a considerable time, assuming no accidental damage! (I think the original two year coverage is still for only two years, which would be October of this year.)

I am surprised how addictive (for lack of a better word), the watch and the information it provides is.

I haven’t even seriously considered getting an iPhone X yet, and probably will try to hold out for the next upgrade. Ditto with the iPad.

Pondering on my comments on the “February 6, 1988”, as I noted it wasn’t just one thing, it was a change of outlook. I’ve had some questions about it.

Basically I had just moved to a new area and had concentrated on my new job etc. (which is logical!) for about six months and I realized I had allowed myself to become rather isolated and set in my daily living patterns. Nothing wrong with that, but I didn’t like the idea.

(I was going to say “I was too young for that”, but from the perspective of my current age, I believe you are never “too old” to not change your lifestyle if you want. It is a matter of personal choice. Your choices may be more limited, but they are there.)

I happened to take a poetry class. The change (even though I never did learn to write or even read poetry all that well) from my daily life for just that several hours per week was something I looked forward too. I think a change of outlook and a challenge is good..

I also started going out more socially and realizing I had to live as well as live so to speak. It was really starting to implement my concept that I was living too much in the future and I should experience life. Not in the sense of partying etc., but just in the sense of experiencing life, both the good and the bad.

I probably didn’t see it as a major change at the time, and there is no one event, it was just a pattern.

Just heard that “Monopoly” is making a “cheaters edition” where “cheating” is part of the game. It includes “handcuffs” if you get caught! To be honest, I’m not sure what I think of that, I assume it all has to be considered in the spirit of entertainment.

I know I starting enjoying cards, games etc. a lot more when I changed my perspective from being competitive to encouraging all players when they won and celebrating their successes with them. Sounds strange but true. Hopefully an approach I have adapted to life in general, but improvement is always possible!

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 8, 2018.

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